By chlorinesmells - 30/05/2012 13:51 - United States

Today, a kid I taught to swim became my new boss, at the pool that I have worked at for nine years. FML
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kickuwithmyfist 1

Go test his drowning skills!=D

It is perhaps time to consider a different career!


It is perhaps time to consider a different career!

baddawg365 0

11- Way to quote a different FML kudos

22 nice job making yourself look like a jackass! Kudos. And 1- Yea OP does need to find a new job or a new profession. Damn you work at a place for 9 years and still aren't the boss?

pavlovaaLOVE 7

I agree with 31. 9 years does seem a little too long without becoming in charge

xoconnie 8

You are definitely doing something wrong OP. FYL

chowE_fml 4

Op, maybe you tought him a little too well.

You should be proud of your padawan.

People that know how will always have a job; the people that know why will always be their bosses. OP, even at a pool, swimming ability isn't everything. Your boss either displayed more leadership qualities, ambition, or schmoozing skills. The higher-ups apparently feel you're only good at the job you have. Change their minds or change your job.

New Boss: "Now I am the master" (imagine it in darth vader's voice)

kickuwithmyfist 1

Go test his drowning skills!=D

Yes, it does. There are certain ways you're not supposed to drown.

kickuwithmyfist 1

...water intake...holding head under water for along time..

kandi_kid69 15

8- Drowning correctly does require skill.

It takes skill to intake water and breath underwater dont it?

#8 r u kiddin... People are getting their jobs taken away, coz they drowned wrongly lolz haha

syley 5

Obviously it requires skill there was an FML about insufficient drowning technique just the other day.

FMLshark 12

Drowning actually does take skill, given your natural instinct doesn't tell you to keep inhaling water. So it's a lot more difficult than you think to stay submerged against your instinct and continue to take in water. I wouldn't know, having gills.

Actually, sharks are liable to drown if they don't move...

Shh don't correct FMLshark she will find you and eat you. Run while you still have a chance!

Inheritance 10

Why are we assuming the student is a male gender?

67 - Or better yet, don't run. Just stay out of the water. ;)

You know what 70 that's a damn good point. Haha

FMLshark 12

59, actually that is only with some species of sharks. Some sharks need constant movement because they breathe via pumping water through the gills, some are capable of remaining still and still being able to breathe, generally bottom feeding sharks. The more you know.

Inheritance 10

78- not really, but it makes it sound like makes are only capable as life guard

Should have let him drown when you had the chance. Or gone to college... one of the two.

youjustmademelol 4

Well it kinda means your a good teacher so... Yay?

Lol tell yourself that you didn't throw him into the water

pavlovaaLOVE 7

ummm yea he does hes just basically saying when the kid was fist learning to swim he didnt throw him n let him drown

wlddog 14

Someone is aiming low in life. Maybe you should get a performance based job.

KiddNYC1O 20

Yeah because they're so easy to obtain nowadays...

Angelrose2004 17

Maybe there's hope that you won't have a boss who treats you like crap... Unless he's one of those who lets the power go to his head. But hey, at least you can say that you taught your boss how to swim.

This is because: 1. You may be "drowning the wrong way" during life guarding exercises, or 2. You spend your time sniffing chlorine. How else would you know it smells? FYL either way OP.

pavlovaaLOVE 7

I would laugh it was the same guy lol

Have you never been near a chlorinated pool?

That just means you're such a good teacher, you taught the boss his ways! (trying to think positively here)

Yea but OP gets nothing in return. Imagine if you were running a business and you teach a worker everything you know and years later he/she is now your boss. That would suck.