By anonymous - 03/02/2011 05:17

Today, my husband decided it would be funny to shout "Woohoo!" in Michael Jackson's voice while having an orgasm. FML
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jamonaaaaa!!!!! HEeHEe

Its your husband.. Who cares if he makes a joke like that.. As long as he doesnt do it all the time :)


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You fail so badly.. Girst? Really? Get a life.

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Cool story, bro.

Cool story, bro.

Cool story, bro.

cool story, bro

cool story bro

cool story, you just got trolled

you're doing something right :) or maybe he sees you as a lil boyish?

haha I get it.

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i don't get why people complain about that. he's trying to make the sex funny, add some comedy. funny sex is amazing. so chill out and enjoy it!

could have done something funny though, not gay

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47 WIN

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Did he then ask you to turn around so he could moonwalk ?

53, I think you replied to the wrong post.

I wonder if it's the taxi driver that sings like him :O

HAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE HILARIOUS! No, but seriously, shut up. It's been done and it's untrue. Have some respect.


OP tell him he can BEAT IT next time.

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I agree with #12. RIP. MJ! <3

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that's not disrespecting the dead...

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hell ya. she should break out in song

jamonaaaaa!!!!! HEeHEe

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Its your husband.. Who cares if he makes a joke like that.. As long as he doesnt do it all the time :)

that's not good. aren't guys supposed to ejaculate?

No. We shit out of our penises.

okay so I'm not alone on that one? good I thought it was just me.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you're so funny I can't stop laughing no but seriously shut the hell up

my bad bro. by the way nice picture.

Pimped out 900 times? Oh, you silly hoe. At least it isn't 9001.

you mean over 9000? :)

Do YOU mean ITS OVER 9000!

hahahahahahahahahahahaha funniest thing ever ROFL

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Really, you should be praising your husband for his creativity. It's not often one finds a lover who will willingly channel the spirit of a dead child molester during intercourse. In closing, I'd just like to say: HEE HEE.

Okay I wanna say that you both got it wrong he said "EEE HEE".

soo im not the only one...when i read this i sed since when does my michael jackson fukn say woohoo?