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By missy - 10/04/2009 08:17 - Italy

Today, I was riding on a stationary exercise bike at home, when I went to get off, my shorts got stuck under the seat. I dangled half upside down until my shorts ripped and I fell on the ground face first breaking my front tooth. I broke my tooth riding a bike that doesn’t even move. FML
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may_cause_fail 0

Is that even physically possible?


leviseifert88 0

Be thankful it wasn't in public like at the gym ;)

that's not so bad my friend sliced his leg open to the bone on a stationary bike. I saw the whole thing I almost passed out.

bezach 0

lines 2-5 that's what she said!

may_cause_fail 0

Is that even physically possible?

When your clumsy almost anything is possible; trust me I know.

allyoop 0

hahahahahahahahaha that just made my morning.

it would've been a lot funnier if it was just the last sentence. leave some room for imagination.

eschreib 0

thats an embarrassing story to tell people

UnCensoredBitch 0

Hahah man that must suck. Imagine how bad it would have been if you were on a real bike?

i_like_chicks 0

FYL but still ****** hilarious, sorry man, laughed my ass off at that!

you should have put your hands out to catch yourself

heytherexoxo 0

Haha. God that's an embarrassing story to explain to people. Good going CLUMSY :p