By HassledAirfarer - United States

Oh, the irony

Today, I was on a red-eye flight, and the woman beside me was chattering loudly to her friend. I opened my laptop and got to work. Suddenly, one of the women turned to me and told me that the clicking of my keyboard was too loud. She then called me an "inconsiderate, selfish bitch." FML
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  blland  |  0

I think the correct way to deal with this situation is to burn her with caustic very slowly, instead of just punching her?

everyone has caustic handy on a plane, right?

  AeroChic777  |  4

I think the OP handled it by submitting this FML. It must have annoyed the shit out of that lady. I mean, that would take a lot of typing. Especially if you were to backspace a lot. :D

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  madeleinemai  |  4

Whats better is to close the computer, put it carefully away, take off your shoe (preferably an stiletto heel) and then beat her with the shoe. That way you don't have to worry about damaging your computer or going to jail for murder.

  auZ_09  |  0

I think they were saying make sure to save your work in preparation for the beating that is to come. Heh, screw closing the laptop and beating her with it, Put on some really screamo music and blast it loudly, either that or derogative rap music. If she gets pissy and calls the stawrdess turn it off then hide the laptop. =D