By Anonymous - United States
Today, I opened some small cute birthday gifts at my boyfriend's house. As we left to go out, he slipped me a Tiffany box and said he wanted me to open it in private. Flushed and excited, I open it to find a ziploc filled with hair. It was his mustache I had been begging him to shave for months. FML
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  ReasonsToFly  |  0

He shaved off his facial hair, which is like cutting off his junk, put it in a nice box, presented it to her in private, and she writes about it on FMyLife. Seems like an FHisLife to me.

  Finnboghi  |  0

Don't forget Sean Connery.

He has a wicked beard (sometimes a mustache), and it makes him great.

Anyways, the only life that's been fucked is your boyfriend's.

Stop whining on the internet because you didn't get jewelry.

  kellster  |  2

74, she's not whining because she didn't get jewellery. She's upset because her retard boyfriend tricked her into thinking she was getting engaged. That's quite different. He could have used ANY box in the world to present his discarded facial hair in (classy gift, btw), but he wanted to be an asshole and make her think she was getting proposed to. I think she has a right to be upset.

  skullbuster  |  0

The thought only counts to people like this OP when that thought involves maxing out the limit on your credit card. Another greedy whiny cunt lingering here looking for some sympathy. Keep walking bitch!!!

  AndelleRae  |  9

Well, even if she had noticed it, why would she expect to get a ziploc baggie of facial hair in a box Tiffany box?

Call me weird, but I think it's kind of sweet, in a strangely messed up way.

  prttyyngthng  |  0

Seriously. OP had asked the BF to do something for a month, and he finally did it as a B-Day gift. I'd appreciate the sacrifice. That'd be like a woman who always got acrylics and had a man who always begged her to get rid of them. I think it's cute.

And besides, OP, you're in the States. Girl, we're in a recession, you'd better enjoy those damn beard shavings. At least he's not wasting money on a damn piece of jewelry and is trying to be economic.

  letitbe56  |  0

I completely agree. I try to find a kind and considerate way of letting my boyfriend know if something he likes to wear or other controllable aspects of his appearance actually look bad or are inappropriate for certain situations. I do it so he can know how stuff looks to other people, not because of personal preference, and I would NEVER expect him to change something just because I asked him to--he is his own person, after all. How many girls out there would feel terrible about themselves if their boyfriends were constantly saying, "You need to lose weight/I hate your haircut/Those shoes you love are ugly."? Women should extend the same consideration to men that they expect from them.

OP, YDI. He makes a big personal sacrifice that he thinks will make you happy, finds a humorous way of letting you know how important you are to him, and you decide it's an FML. Seriously, grow up.