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  Enslaved  |  36

8, I'm just wondering why you replied to 2 comment instead of just posting your own? To me, it appears as if you're trying to be on top as well so.... perhaps you shouldn't complain about that other person posting a stupid comment just to be on top in that other FML because it makes you look like you're a __________ (fill in the blank)

  Tessa39  |  0

SO beyond ew.. completely unsanitary and violating.. solid question:
when does it not occur to wake this woman up and get her potentially disease ridden bleeding face off of you?

  brockp  |  0

yea. fat people are basically disgraces to the human race. they eat and eat and eat and then complain about how fat they are. unless you have some disease of such. also all fat people are ugly, in my point of view and everyone elses.