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Today, I was on a date with a great guy, and we were really hitting it off. While we were walking in the park, a woman who smelled like the devil's toenails and looked as if she hadn't bathed in a year passed us. I whispered to my date, "Look at that disgusting woman." It was his mother. FML
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Well you shouldn't have said that anyways. Sometimes people need to learn to keep their mouths shut instead of criticizing random people on the streets, you have no idea what they might have been through and have no right to judge them. What a sad world we live in :| *looks down and shakes head*


67 and 74, I would imagine that Satan's toe nails don't smell half as bad as Satan's ass gas...

Having said that, while I don't agree with the OP's actions, I do like her descriptive imagery in the FML.

  geko911  |  22

You can hear him being offended by reading a "it's my mom"? Seriously it doesnt mean he was offended, he might just have been stating a fact.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I was thinking she might be on drugs as well. Even if he was embarrassed by her or knew better than to greet her for whatever reason, it doesn't mean he'll be alright with some stranger slagging off on her.

At the very least it paints OP as a person who leans towards judgement rather than sympathy - not the best way to show yourself on a date. FYL for being outed as a bitch, OP.


He probably said it as a joke, and they had s good laugh about it. Then, later, OP realized the potential for FML acceptance if she left out the joke part, and worded it to seem less humorous.

  Vacant  |  7

Not really. The mother could have known her son was on a first date and didn't want to impose on it by stopping/forcing her son to introduce her.

  skyboy_fml  |  2

It's most likely the guy OP was on a date with was not interested in said OP. Thus the reason for his statement about the wretch being his mother. Which in turn provides him with an excuse to not call her the following morning.


By  sammyjanette  |  17

There really is only one reason that people talk badly about others. Did it make you feel better to express your disdain for this obviously downtrodden woman? I mean even if she hadn't been his mother it very clearly looks as if she might have been impoverished, so why would you make fun of her circumstances?

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Well, we only have OPs word about what the MILG (mother I'd like to Gag) looks like.
Some people are very judgmental and will judge someone poorly when in fact they don't look badly at all.
I had a friend who used a coconut oil based soap and claimed it was good for her skin. Some of my other friends thought she smelled bad and didn't shower, but it was just how they reacted to the soap. She was actually very clean.

By  Enslaved  |  36

"Look (at) that disgusting woman". (:

Saying that was pretty rude. Sometimes you can't help what you think but you can control what you say. People watching can be so much fun!