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Today, I was on a date with a great guy, and we were really hitting it off. While we were walking in the park, a woman who smelled like the devil's toenails and looked as if she hadn't bathed in a year passed us. I whispered to my date, "Look at that disgusting woman." It was his mother. FML
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Yeah, you shouldn't have said that in the first place anyways. Even if it wasn't his mother. Remember that hobo story?

I'm wondering why they didn't greet each other


Yeah, you shouldn't have said that in the first place anyways. Even if it wasn't his mother. Remember that hobo story?

Exactly. Plus, if you're on a date with someone you shouldn't do that. You don't want to be known as shallow or petty.

JamesD995 2

Which hobo story? There seems to have been a good few?

william8691 10

Never talk about the homeless OP. You too can end up in the same shoes. Karma's a bitch...

Trying to score bonus points on a date by putting down someone vulnerable? That's low, OP. YDI.

cajekraze 7

Agreed, OP is a total bitch for that

MagicGiraffe 12

The real question is How does she know what the Devil's toenails smell like? Last time I made a deal with him I don't remember smelling his feet...

TheUnholyApple 6

67, it really just depends on the kind of deal you make. And trust me, the toenails ain't half bad when you've ventured further...

That one 28 about the guy who made fun of the homeless person by throwing rocks at him, than he got chased down by him with a knife.

FinJage 18

People are awfully judgemental and unfortunately that seems like something my girlfriend would say.

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I want to know the hobo story. My curiosity has been piqued.

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75- I remember that one! it's quite old

Well you shouldn't have said that anyways. Sometimes people need to learn to keep their mouths shut instead of criticizing random people on the streets, you have no idea what they might have been through and have no right to judge them. What a sad world we live in :| *looks down and shakes head*

67 and 74, I would imagine that Satan's toe nails don't smell half as bad as Satan's ass gas... Having said that, while I don't agree with the OP's actions, I do like her descriptive imagery in the FML.

perdix 29

Now you know what the guy is probably really like when he's not trying to charm some girl into sex. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;)

I wouldn't say that's a hill, more like a ravine, gully, or depression. Wouldn't you? Then the apple stays as close as possible.

I'm wondering why they didn't greet each other

Who knows? His mom might actually have been a junkie and homeless and they no longer associated. Maybe they didn't get along. Any number of reasons.

You can hear him being offended by reading a "it's my mom"? Seriously it doesnt mean he was offended, he might just have been stating a fact.

I was thinking she might be on drugs as well. Even if he was embarrassed by her or knew better than to greet her for whatever reason, it doesn't mean he'll be alright with some stranger slagging off on her. At the very least it paints OP as a person who leans towards judgement rather than sympathy - not the best way to show yourself on a date. FYL for being outed as a bitch, OP.

Mister_Triangle 21

He probably said it as a joke, and they had s good laugh about it. Then, later, OP realized the potential for FML acceptance if she left out the joke part, and worded it to seem less humorous.

Devil's Toenails? ... How do you know what they smell like? Unless you have been in contact with a demon... What ever that demon said, I diden't do it!

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Wait a sec.. she "passed" you, and they did not say hello? He did not introduce you? Um... hmmm... kinda strange in and of itself.

Vacant 7

Not really. The mother could have known her son was on a first date and didn't want to impose on it by stopping/forcing her son to introduce her.

Swiftie 0

It only says that OP passed them. It doesn't state that OP's mom made eye contact or for that matter even realized she'd passed by them.

It's most likely the guy OP was on a date with was not interested in said OP. Thus the reason for his statement about the wretch being his mother. Which in turn provides him with an excuse to not call her the following morning. Sherlock'd

What if the mother herself was on a secret date? Assuming the guys parents are still together. That's why she didn't say anything :o

Possible, but with the amount of information OP provided us with; it's more unlikely than my hypothesis.

Good going! Lol jk , but still keep mean thoughts to your self, even if it's to your boyfriend or bestie or anyone, keep mean thoughts to your self!

At least she didn't smell like the devil's anus.

must admit I was relieved when I discovered your pic is of an armpit :D

JKr3slEMO 5

dude seriously what the hell is up with ur pic? I mean it's an armpit...right..? so why..just..just forget it-_-

No it's clearly a ****** with no hole.

KiddNYC1O 20

It's a pretty one if I may add =]

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There really is only one reason that people talk badly about others. Did it make you feel better to express your disdain for this obviously downtrodden woman? I mean even if she hadn't been his mother it very clearly looks as if she might have been impoverished, so why would you make fun of her circumstances?

RedPillSucks 31

Well, we only have OPs word about what the MILG (mother I'd like to Gag) looks like. Some people are very judgmental and will judge someone poorly when in fact they don't look badly at all. I had a friend who used a coconut oil based soap and claimed it was good for her skin. Some of my other friends thought she smelled bad and didn't shower, but it was just how they reacted to the soap. She was actually very clean.

sammyjanette 17

Hmm, RedPillSucks, I think you should rethink your acronym. It sounds way more sexual than the original. Lol

"Look (at) that disgusting woman". (: Saying that was pretty rude. Sometimes you can't help what you think but you can control what you say. People watching can be so much fun!

So he didn't greet his own mother as they passed in the park? Something smells fishy here... Oh nevermind, it's probably just his mother.