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By barman - 17/07/2010 20:51 - Australia

Today, while working at the bar, I was having a flawless night. Every pour was perfect, every shot expertly measured. I saw my manager for the first time that night, turned to greet him, and knocked over a tray of 30 or so glasses. Only two remained unbroken. FML
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Trupe 3

Hell of a night huh? There's always an excuse.....


Trupe 3

Hell of a night huh? There's always an excuse.....

the_flirtt 0

blame it on the alcho alch alch alch alchol

Trupe 3

Ha I was hoping someone would follow up with that. And I was first. It doesn't feel as great as these first people make it sound. :/

Op alcohol is bad try marijuana its safe and healthy! Too bad it's illegal. My dad bought synthetic marijuana it's just not the same. And no I don't do drugs and my dad is not a pothead he has medical issues. So kids, don't do drugs!

@28 you completely contradicted your first statement by ending with don't do drugs....

Well marijuanas not a drug it's a plant it's the chemical shit that ***** you up. But what do I know I've never done it.

It's called a joke. if you can't take it, give it back.

Most opiates come from plants.. so that makes them safe? :)

My jokes are never funny which is what makes them funny! No one laughs and I look like an idiot. You could never understand the greatness hidden beneath.

Indeed jou are vurry welcome thank you come again!

marijuana is too a drug. it's a wonderful, amazing drug, but it's a drug. so is tobacco, caffeine, and aspirin. just cause it's not addictive, prevents cancer cells from spreading, is edible, is amazing, and impossible to overdose (unless u can smoke 1,500 pounds in less than 15 minutes supposedly) doesn't mean it's not a drug. I mean people can get high off oxygen why not realize people are gonna huff n puff and legalize.

IchbinSyn 0

Oooops op got the dropzies!! lol Hell Id make everything legal except meth

samanthadude 0

#7 - Lol you beat me to it. OP - It happens, I hope you still have your job!

#42-Haha I like you man, you say it how it is... have you seen "The Union"? If not google it, it should be on page 3 or something crazy... it's something like 1 hour 44 min long, but it's time worth spent. The way you just said what you did makes it seem like you've seen it.

it's also has many negatives. for one you smoke it. that causes asthma lug cancer etc. also when ur high u can make bad descisions and it impairs fine motor skills. having said tht there are also many positives to it. but not when abused

FalsePretense 0

78 that's just what they tell you at school kid. why don't you try it first and then you can try telling us your "facts"

OhWowFYLindeed 0

You should have caught every single one of those glasses. Just sayin.

CousCousz 0

yeah, after watching the documentary "The Union" I think weed should be legalized. It's a drug but it's harmless. All the bad things you hear are myths.

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Agreed with 98... Where are your ninja skills? Ninjas just aren't what they used to be...

__ShAd0w__ 0

Tre how many people have u seen crash their car from being high...... then how many from being drunk?

HazmatPilgrimage 0

Marijuana is not a drug it is an herb. You have to make cocaine. (heat, baking soda, etc). you may find an ingredient for cocaine in coca plants but actual cocaine. No. Not choosing sides you idiots may continue your argument as you please. Just wanted to clear that up before someone reads it on here tries to mouth off to someone who knows what their talking about and gets embarrassed.

imdaboss_55 3

yea, but how many of those drunk people were also high? that is the million dollar question

84, spoken like someone who dropped out of school to become a drug addict...

HazmatPilgrimage 0

You continue to prove my point. The facts are 1 You CANNOT use cocaine (as desired) without doing something unnatural to the plant. 2 Your definition of a drug doesn't pertain to marijuana at all. If I live life by your logic then that would mean alcohol is a drug or any type of poison. BTW since marijuana isn't actually 'legal' anywhere except in the Netherlands you can't in good faith say it's used in diagnosis or prevention of disease. Yes there is medical marijuana but it's current uses are restricted to helping with pain and/or appetite.

weed isnt a drug its a plant. but other than that, i completly agree

HazmatPilgrimage 0

Look facts are facts 1 Leaves don't boil themselves so it's unnatural. natural=things that happen in nature. Also you do not make cocaine just by boiling leaves. Please if you learn only 1 thing from this learn that. 2 I suppose that I should have put the words "medical marijuana" in quotation as you were obviously confused by my usage of the term. Yes it is called medical marijuana. Does that make it a drug? No. 3 Alcohol is not a drug period. Research it yourself cause I don't have the time to go copy and paste some google sites info besides looks like you already have that technique down pact. Also poison=poison not drugs. I've researched it. Just because my comment isn't 5 paragraphs long doesn't mean I haven't. I assume since you did in fact put all that false info down that the vast amount of idiots patrolling the Internet regularly will skim through your claims see a few words they don't fully understand and side with you. Well I implore anyone who is reading this to research it yourself if you don't believe me. Lastly I am done with this conversation. I've stated the truth and cannot do much more than that so whatever reply you come up with to this will be the end (hopefully) of all this.

Trupe 3

Neither marijuana or cocoa leaves are drugs. They just have drugs in them. But marijuana users don't extract the drug directly. Just sayin.....

University BIOCHEM 101 : A drug is any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function. "Drugs" include illegal substances (e.g. cocaine, heroin, meth), prescription medication (e.g. blood thinners, birth control pills), over-the-counter pharmaceuticals (e.g. advil, cold medicine) and legalized substances (e.g. alcohol, and in some places marijuana). Whether or not the substance is naturally occuring is irrelevant.

SourCandyyz 0

sucks to be you. hahah. that sucks though...

No YDI for being a woman, bitch shoulda realized this is what happens when you leave the kitchen.

snagglepaste 0

Ha! Guys name is barMAN though. FAIL ^^ :(

well at least you didn't knock all of them over ?

OctobersVeryBest 0

would of made no difference, I would of ran...Run as fast as you can.

serve straight from the tap and get the party started!

everyone gets nervous at one point in there life.. did you get fired??

2 I agree mabey you should of put them out of the way? from being knocked over might of been a good idea.