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Today, I was packing up my stuff about to go home. I shut off my MacBook but was still pretending to work for the last few minutes, typing on the keyboard. A good way through, I realized my co-worker sitting across from me could see that the Apple logo was off. FML
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If you're not going to work, why not just mess around online rather than faking work on an off computer?

Why fake working for the last few minutes? Finish strong!


We could even go as far to say that it was a fail of epic proportions.

SamanthaNGoree 10

If you're going to hurry and get first comment, why not make it something worth reading?

SamanthaNGoree 10

If you're going to get the first comment, make it something worth reading.

76: Getting first comment shouldn't matter at all. Which means that getting first doesn't mean you need to write the comment of the year.

CookieLovesBoo 16

I wrote what I wanted . I guess your mad you didn't get the first comment? Such a mature way to show it btw, and I didn't put my comment up for your entertainment .

SamanthaNGoree 10

I didn't say anything about comment of the year. Merely that it should be worth reading. Also, the first comment is probably the most read. Make it worth our time. That's all I'm saying.

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Well YDI for being absurdly clumsy.

Pwn17 25
\ 28

you are the most finicky people about word choice. Thumb me down, I dare you!

Um it's not about word choices here it's about using a word that actually says how stupid op is....and not that he may trip going up stairs...

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i wouldn't say he is stupid...

Not much to say except maybe hide it better next time?

Not hide it better don't be lazy and work and people wonder why Americans are labeled as fat and lazy well op couldn't even sit there and type which is their job!!!!! Ydi and ydi of you get fired too!!!!

Just a quick tip, when I'm revising or whatever I open two word documents. On one I do what I'm supposed to be doing and on the other I start writing a story, and whenever I need a break from working I'll write some more of my story for a bit. To anyone watching, you look like a very hard-working person.

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You could always just say the logo sometimes doesn't work if asked

If you're not going to work, why not just mess around online rather than faking work on an off computer?

Epikouros 31

Exactly. That's what FML is for!

Pwn17 25

Why the hell were you pretending to type anyway? If it was only a few minutes, what's the big deal? Don't be so lazy!

DyslexicPanda 12

You don't have a job, do you?

sadly, I don't *rolls up in ball and cries*

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Heh, it happens to the best of us :p Don't worry about it too much!

Wizardo 33

Play some minesweeper or pinball or something next time... Noob.

There is no minesweep or pinball on a Mac. Idiot

Whether that is true or not, not every person in the world has a Mac or ever had a Mac.

@31 That's what the internet is for...idiot.

Wizardo 33

#31, hold your horses there, there's new age invention called the internet, it can do amazing things you should check it out and whoever has a Mac for work is stupid, PC is where its at. ******* idiots.

I bet your coworker was like "well **** you too then"

Please explain how you came to this conclusion.