By samgonzalessb - 14/12/2009 17:00 - United States

Today, my boyfriend bought me a voice personalized build-a-bear. I thought he was going to propose to me through it, only to press the foot of the bear and hear "we should break up" instead. FML
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eyesluvsya 0

Dayum... boyfirned of how many months?

I can't imagine guy would do that.. he prolly got the bear from previous gf, so just keep passing it on

eric_p 0

its ****** creative!!! who would've thought of that?

riku3220 2

This comic is unfair to the OP. There was nothing in the FML about OP being a huge bitch to her boyfriend.

The fact that OP is a woman is proof enough

ObeyTheSnarf 0

Men AreBastardsTo Women, 108? In this case, and in many others, yes.

true and in the illustration she like she was really whiney

no its Men Are Better Than Women as in check it out, its very informative

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#74, obviously not, it would have been his voice...


least you got a build-a-bear out of it all :)

drewbaca 0

best break up ever...atleast he thought you were valuable enough to spend the money on

GR3453m0nk3y 4

yeah, be happy he took the time and effort and went out of his way to make it as painless as possible.

at least you have a stuffed bear to comfort you now just avoid squeesing the foot (jk) :(

drewbaca 0

no way keep the bear and burn he scream horribly press the foot of the bear and throw it at his feet then walk off as the bear breaks up with you literal old flame bwah ha ha

theteal 0

Build-a-bears should be used for good not evil. :(

There is no easy way to break up, unless you are the type of person that checks your bf's facebook relationship status. So the the break-up-bear is as good as any. Just pity the guy who just bought a proposal-bear and gets it thrown in his face by a gf who just read this FML.

theRovingMage 0

There is, however, basic courtesy. I have done all my breakups in person, even when I had to drive an hour to do so. It's the disrespect and the hidden-ness of a build-a-bear that disgusts me.

Build-a-Bear bears with beating hearts are tied with the Old Navy mannequins for the ******* creepiest things ever.

fanaticdragon 10

HAHA those things are creeeepy :P

Ashimali 0

really? wow, that seems like a lot of effort, not to mention money, to break up with someone. Those bastard bears aren't cheap

That's exactly what I was thinking. It's a breakup, why would you spend that much for that reason?

Because the guy values his time. If he makes $25/hr and that bear listens to the sobbing for even just the first hour, then he comes out ahead.