By tacoboy - United States
Today, I was on a date with a girl I've had feelings for since I was 14 (I'm 22). I took her out to dinner, then to a movie that we both liked and had a few drinks afterwards. I thought it was going really well until I was driving her home and she asked to be dropped off at her boyfriend's house. FML
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  dude_stfu  |  0

wow.. you sound like an loser... You're in love with a girl for 8 years?
and you never even talked to her enough to find out that she had a bf?
You deserve it for being so pathetic.

  YacL  |  15

Kinda sounds like she was using him to get free food out of him... or she just really didn't realize dinner and a movie were typical date settings.

By  Kervik  |  0

Ouch . . . Really, you should've known something as big as that about her if you had feelings for her! Nevertheless, that's a big smack in the face for you - but lets face it, at 22, you're in the prime of your life, there are so many more fish in the see, and you're at the point in your life where you can get out and get to know some of them really well.

  Puolukka  |  4

There are also drinks that are non-alcoholic...don't be so ignorant.

OP, I don't think you deserved it. Being in a relationship she shouldn't meet another guy for dinner, a movie and drinks...because that's really like a date. Not what you should do when in a relationship...unless it's with your S/O.

You probably deserve better anyway...I mean what if she was dating you and suddenly started going on dates with other men...

  dirtyrubes  |  0


You never know... he may have only had one or two spread over a couple hours and was fine to drive. I'd like to think the OP didn't get completely shitfaced during this big dream-date.

  boone_fml  |  0

I have to agree with this.

I know it seems like this girl is the one girl for you, but it really sounds like this is just a crush. If this was your first date with her, you really really don't know her that well. Go out and date some broads. Give them a chance. You'll see they have qualities you've missed since you've been doting over this girl.

in essence, YDI.

  coloredwax  |  0

I agreee with this. Also, I know you think it's cute and all to be vague probably but clarifying that something is in fact a date before you get your feelings up isn't out of place in this day and age.

  genius_man16  |  0

Totally agree with you. It sounds like you're still stuck at 14 to me. I mean, it also sounds like you haven't even told this girl how you feel, which is a YDI in itself, but you don't know enough about her to know she has a BF? Major fail man.

By  joethebiden  |  8

You've known her for 8 years and nothing has happened? It's called the friend zone, moron. You should have moved on 7 years and 11 months ago. YDI for being such a clueless dufus.

By  BioProject  |  0

I do kind of agree with everyone about you not knowing that she had a boyfriend.

People like #1, PLEASE stop numbering your comments. Nobody gives a shit and this isn't Sesame Street.

#3, he probably drank responsibly. Who said shit about him being an alcoholic? Why are people so fucking stupid?