By Me. - 23/07/2010 05:58 - United States

Today, while taking pictures by the pool, my friend wanted to use my camera. I told her to put the wrist strap on so it wouldn't fall into the pool. She dropped the camera while trying to put the strap on. FML
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Whiterabbitm1 0

your friend is an idiot, no offence to you

I had a camera once.


281go 4

Time to get a new camera......

what a fucking idiot. time to get a new friend with more of a brain haha

jedialix 0

shhh drown her:) it's for the best:)

hahahaha she's clunsy

I can just... picture that! haha pun intended

you_and_me_fml 8

what a smart friend you have there

eazyeeze 0

Next time get a waterproof camera

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0

Agree with 69, NOOB step back!

KingDingALing 9

Fuck! 21 beat me to it :(

ImsoMikhail 0

throw her in after it?

lmfao, wow, she didn't think of putting the strap on while away from the pool. smart child

StopB1tchingYDI 0

put not but

ohhh the irony...

MrCalves 1

^this fml isn't ironic...

Actually, this FML exactly exemplifies a dictionary definition of irony, seeing as the thing meant to prevent the dropping of the camera is the very thing that caused it.

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quent10 0

fail to the max

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I have a waterproof camera... I love it... I always take it to the pool and take lots of pics :)

stupid mods you suck I keep seeing stuff like "haha 20 you are so right" and then I find out there is no #20! GOOD GOD stop screwing up the comments because some people mostly go on here for those

Today, while taking pictures by the pool, my friend wanted to use my camera. I stopped reading there and knew what was going to happen. YDI, get better friends. :P

snow_ball_man 0

well is she gonna pay for it

abcdefghijKayla 0

oh the irony.

just gotta say 23 is beautiful

time to get a new friend, you mean?

thats jokes but really what a shame be more careful :) did u get insurance

121, you would get new friends solely based on the fact that 'one' dropped your camera. You must be a joy to hang around!

nunnie 0

It's just a camera. Not really a fml.

Even though OP's camera most likely isn't one, some Hasselblads will run you like $20k It is never *just* a camera.

I don't get it; the FML clearly states the friend was already taking pictures. Why did she want to switch to the OP's camera??

"While taking pictures by the pool, my friend..." Either the OP needs a lesson in the English language, or the friend was taking pictures by the pool when she asked the OP for her camera.

#56, it makes sense... The OP was using her(?) camera to take photos by the pool, then a friend asked to borrow it so she could take some, too. I don't see what you thought was wrong. :S

Ah, the infamous dangling participle. Do they even teach that anymore?

We can assume, #62, but that's not what the post *says.* DocBastard gets it.

Well, it reads that way too. You're being too pedantic, it's just an FML. :P

I'm 24 and they taught me that. I wonder if anyone pats attention to that anymore tho :( Plus I went to a pretty decent school. At least, MN's schools were still decent when I was there... No child left behind and all that crap was before my time

Because of you, I now hover over "pedantic" for a full 5 minutes, convincing myself it's misspelled, and it should, in fact, be "pendatic". DAMN YOU, you ruined my mind! *shakes fist*

Hahahaha! Sweet.

You're all leaving out the most obvious clue: OP is a girl with access to the internet, who was taking pictures by a pool. Considering the likelihood that these were bikini pics intended for facebook, they'd want pictures of *themselves* on their own respective cameras. Logic dictates that OP had her friend's camera, and the friend had hers. Disclaimer: This is obviously assuming there were no public bathroom mirrors nearby, but that's just a given-- we're all on FML, so of course we know that's always the preferred setting for scantily-clad internet "portraits."

BananaSticker 0

Did you really expect anything else to happen?

lmao that's gotta be the most random name...and u even have a pic too lols

BananaSticker 0

I take it you've never watched Metalocolypse?

RainbowxxVeinsx 17

Hehe, I love that episode ^__^ Tokie is my favorite. Banana stickers FTW!

rawr_forever 0

Banana sticker!!! I must obey. OwO I have that episode on my iPod. :3

Whiterabbitm1 0

your friend is an idiot, no offence to you

Grammar nazi! "while taking pictures by the pool is a participial phrase. The noun that follows must be the one being described. "my friend" wasn't taking pictures by the pool when he decided that he wanted to use op's camera.

So you have underwater camaraderie now, I envy you. 

an* underwater camera

#8 - It doesn't say she dropped the camera into the water.

It wouldn't be mentioned that it was near the pool or would be really an FML if it didn't drop into the water..

She said strap on...'s all folks

I had a camera once.

You wanna talk about it?

I've still got mine.

#22 x] your comments always make me laugh

Haha_donkey 0

well, she's like my mom... stupid

Alright I'll say it before anyone else does... LOL strap on.

hahaha I was thinking it!!!!! but... u beat me :(

Awh I'm sorry. 'Cept not really. :P

jajajajaja - I'm laughing in Spanish. how exciting! op, you can always buy another camera, it's not the end of the world

hmmmmm... does it really sound like that in Spanish? that would be funny

no the j's are pronounced as our h's are in spanish. lol