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By fuck - 18/04/2015 14:38 - United States - Saint Thomas

Today, I went on a date with a girl I like. Afterwards, I drove her home, and we just sat there awkwardly. I thought she wanted to kiss me but was nervous, so I jokingly said, "What're you waiting for? Christmas?" I guess she took that as a "Get the hell out", because she broke into tears and left. FML
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Wrap yourself in Christmas paper and sit outside her porch. It's a flawless plan. Bonus points if you are wearing a Santa Claus suit.

She probably thought you meant "what are you waiting for to get out of my car" not "what are you waiting for to kiss me"


That's a jackass thing to say, jackass

bad luck man. maybe try chatting to her and explain what you really meant

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@#56: get your sexist ass out of here boy.

He should have just kissed her instead.

#56 It doesn't matter what gender he is, anyone in any relationship is allowed to make the first move. Neither are obligated to take on everything and make all the moves for the other party. That may be your personal belief, but that doesn't make it law.

@65, The checking gender wasn't related to the advice being given, and they were making sure they addressed OP as the right gender.

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I think he noticed that the "checks gender*" wasn't related to the advice given. Without it, it says "He's the man, he should be doing the kissing. That's basic dating etiquette." It's actually basic sexist etiquette. I think he should have made the move himself - not because he's the man, but because his date was too nervous to make one first. Then again if they were BOTH too nervous to make a move, then it's a different story.

I bet you won't won't complain if i pay for your meal because i am a man. Get that feminist crap out of here.

She probably thought you meant "what are you waiting for to get out of my car" not "what are you waiting for to kiss me"

I thought the last sentence of the FML made that pretty obvious.

I think if OP just explains the miscommunication to her and gives her a big apology, then everything will (hopefully) be okay. I'm sorry OP, it was a misunderstanding, don't be too hard on yourself about it. It happens to the best of us!

How did this comment get so many up votes?

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Not only that, it's one of the most upvoted comments I've seen in a while!

really? I thought she was that repulsed by the idea of kissing him

She deserves some flowers after that.

~I should have bought you flowers and hold your hand. Give you all my hours, when I had the chance~

No, she deserves an explanation. This isn't the sexist 50's.

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How is that sexist #69? Do you need some education?

Yeah, #69, how is that sexist? If you hurt someone's feelings unintentionally, it's nice to do something sweet for them to make it up. Flowers is just an idea, but it isn't sexist to say "Hey you hurt her feelings, maybe you should do something nice to make her feel better."

#71 If I piss off my boss, would buying him flowers fix it?

#81 That might help if you are dating your boss!

Flowers are not sexist. Women can buy them for men too. I think the idea is that it's nice to put forth some effort beyond just kicking yourself and apologizing.

I've bought my husband flowers when we were dating, and plenty of other times. And he was so smitten after because he never got flowers ? you're right totally not a sexist thing. People make everything negative.

Wrap yourself in Christmas paper and sit outside her porch. It's a flawless plan. Bonus points if you are wearing a Santa Claus suit.

That's about the only way he can get out of this situation with her

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#5, you are brilliant and if you have a partner he or she is very lucky to have someone so creative with romance. so badass.

Welshite's only partner is Aenigmatite.

Could have been worse. You might have said "it's not going to suck itself" or worse.

And then all the 'you deserved it's all the way to the moon.

The last time I told a girl that, I got slapped. And then her brother hunted me down. I was just giving her friendly advice on her cherry lollipop.

Hahaha, I am only pointing out there are more foolish things to say in awkward situations.

Should've just went in dry now you'll wake up single instead of waking up to a Christmas morning :D

#8: Rape is never the answer, son, unless the question is, "What is not the answer?"

How the hell did you get rape out of that?

#94: Does "I'm goin' in dry!" mean something other than unlubricated (and therefore almost certainly non-consensual) anal sex? No? That's what I though. LPT: Don't stick your dick in anyone or any hole that hasn't requested it.

I'm guessing you won't be hearing from her for a while. Dare I say, until Christmas?

You sure you want to be with a girl who starts crying because of some dumb joke anyway?

It's a first date, he drove her back to her house, they sat in silence and what he said could've been taken as "hurry up and get the hell out of my car.". I think most people would be hurt over that.