By Knaxer - 12/12/2015 17:22 - United States - Silver Spring

Today, I was riding my motorcycle when a guy cut me off at a light. I honked and swore at him when a bug flew into my mouth. FML
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Hammer1722 19

Look on the bright side OP, you didn't crash!

And usually it's the motorcycle drivers acting like assholes on the road

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#5 Do you need some water for that thirst?

Well OP did honk and yell at a bug, so that's at least acting a little bit like an asshole.

Really? I'd have to disagree with that one. Vehicle owners are much more inclined to be assholes on the road. They can be assholes all they want in their clunk of metal. Then we have motorcycle drivers, where one wrong turn and moment of road rage off-balance, and they're going to eat the pavement.

Badkarma4u 17

Really, I've never seen a guy on a motorcycle, text, eat, sleep, read a book, put on makeup, shave, tie his tie, get a *******, flash a trucker, jerk off, fish around on the floor for somethibg he dropped, yell at his kids, or watch a movie while driving.

Wizardo 33

Those censorship sounds are evolving into buzzes now.

Am I the only one who finds the wording of that second sentence really weird? The wording makes it sound like OP honked and swore because of the bug flying into their mouth.

That's exactly how I read it. It's confusing.

izntdan 14

Sounds like he really bugged you

If you had been wearing a full face helmet like you should have been, you wouldn't have swallowed a bug. YDI.

Just some bad look which you want to forget Hey Atleast you didn't crash or anything worse