By Anonymous - 20/08/2009 13:23 - Australia

Today, I needed new business cards so I went to design and print some. After I designed, I was happy with them and printed off 100 copies. I live at a place called Canal Rocks. I forgot the 'C'. I now have 76 business cards which say 'anal rocks.' I already distributed 24. FML
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Eh, I think it's better without proofreading. If I were the OP, I wouldn't even worry about it and laugh when I saw the people read it.

this is fake its like saying i work at a place called cass fcrack and i made busniuss card and i forgot the c and f ass crack

My sentiments exactly #1. And... just be glad you don't live in Vegas! LMAO...

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uhm this is totally made up!!!

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Is the name of your business anal crocks??

you totally deserved it. you live at anal rocks *laughs*

I agree with #1. You deserve that. However, that's pretty hilarious. Maybe you could just change businesses to **** and distribute those cards.

That's just what i was thinking ;D It's an awesome idéa, isn't it?

Hell yeah. It just needs a half nude model on the front.

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Always proofread On the bright side, though, ******* hilarious

Funny but unfortunately proves that English teachers are right about the importance of proofreading!

You should try it yourself some time. Oh, and remember, grammer is FREE so USE IT!

It's spelled g-r-a-m-m-a-r. Spelling is free too.

FML is ****** up. Nevermind my comments.

Sorry. I kept trying to correct this person's spelling of "grammar" but my comment would show up, then disappear, then be in the wrong place, etc. So I put "never mind" in case any of them showed up later.

It's spelled g-r-a-m-m-a-r. Spelling is free too.

#16: It's spelled g-r-a-m-m-a-r. Spelling is free too. (site wouldn't let me reply)

Yea but if he designed them in a program that has spellcheck it would not mark "anal" because it actually is a word...

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That's why they said "proofread" not "spellcheck." There's a difference.

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I had the anal rocks once. They ****** suck.

Win. What is that, like kidney stones, only in your ass?

this sounds a little like tobias's business cards from arrested development, the ones that say 'analrapist' on them