By Prometheus - United States
Today, a co-worker and I walked out of our office at the same time. He got in his car, which was parked right out front. I asked him what I had to do to get a sweet parking spot like that. He rolled up his pant leg and show me his prosthesis. He was in the handicapped spot. FML
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By  Camlem_fml  |  0

you could take at least a minimal interest about your coworkers
i mean, not knowing they have a prosthesis is kinda too much.
well of course it depends on the size of your office, but still.

  facilitator  |  0

agree, unless he wears shorts you wouldn't know, for instance I have a fake eye and have to tell people because I've gotten used to working around it. if I was in your situation I would have told him to feel lucky, spots like that usually cost someone an Arm and a leg

By  Slinky_fml  |  0

Ah, its not so bad. First of all, to the people above, the OP might not know this coworker too well or see them often, but was just striking up a conversation on the way down or w/e. Also, some handicapped spots have the sign on the floor under the car, and then on the wall in front, and you can't see it when the car is parked. So they might not have deserved it.

And to the OP, yeah, its awkward, but not that bad I think. If you said something like "why do you walk so weird" or something like that it would be worse. It seemed to me he was showing it to you like that kind of jokingly, and not really mad. Though you never know, maybe he's really touchy about it, in which case, FYL :P