By LaneyyenaL - United States
Today, I learned that there's nothing quite like coming downstairs in a t-shirt and panties, only to discover your fiancé has a bunch of his friends over. FML
Laneyyenal tells us more :
I'm the OP and it wasn't a huge deal as you all are making it out to be for me. A friend told me I should post it here to see if it got published. I'm not fat, and the only hair I have is what's on my head...If I had known the guys it would have been different, but these were guys that I have never met before. And its easy to not hear what's going on downstairs when the TV is on and the guys are all getting high, so there's no extra voices going on. I don't generally parade around in little to no clothing...but to each their own. Way to make this a way bigger deal than it needs to be people...
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  jplumbob  |  4

How did you not know they were down there? A guy hanging with friends and they were quiet? Op needs her ears checked. BUT. Who cares? It wasn't like you were nude. You were covered in all the right places I would assume.

  nabo4u  |  0

I'm thinking op considered this a fml moment because she wasn't properly groomed. she probably hadn't shaved her legs and quite possibly looked like she had bob marley in a leg lock

  lovemysnubber  |  0

see I'd just be like that's right look at me wearing morning after sex clothes I'm sexy I know and im allllll his ;) then proceed to walk over to him and sit on his lap say good morning give him a kiss then offer if I can cook anything for everyone....just me

  losers_inc  |  0

I honestly wouldn't have given a damn lol my bf is over protective and wouldve been mad but I'd blame it on him for not letting me know his friends were over...I'd walk right on by and do what I was going to do...then I'd ask if anyone wanted anything after I finished making them food i'd go change

  rebdoom  |  0

Exactly. Unless OP wears skimpy panties and small Ts around the house. Still, you could always laugh it off, go change, and tell everyone at least they didn't see you nude.

  Senseless_487  |  29

Seriously! It's kinda funny how some women will wear bathing suits skimpier than their underwear, and rather be seen in the bathing suit!

Not saying that OP does that, but bearing that in mind, this isn't really a big deal.