By anon - 23/11/2011 22:53

Today, I started my new job at a security company. In the first 15 minutes there was a bomb threat. FML
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ilyuhms 0

i wish my job was that exciting

SxeDaze 13

Must have been a "BOMB" day at , okay ill go back under my rock.


Drummerboy1234 0

are you kidding OP? that's an amazing story for later

Probably the vets picking on the rookies.

That's what I thought till i saw the movie Armageddon. In that movie it was the green wire, or was it the blue one? ... Oh crap I'm screwed.

anthonydude 9

It depends on the type of bomb.

p3mguin 7

71- Pretty sure that's probably a baseball uniform, since you know, he's holding a baseball bat and there are baseballs in the background.. Not a polo and khakis..

valdezadair 0

Guys the bomber spray painted all the wires!

SxeDaze 13

Must have been a "BOMB" day at , okay ill go back under my rock.

yollew 5

Let me guess- you work for Ganondorf.

You're not ready without the light arrows.

It's dangerous to go alone (under your rock)! Take this! *Gives Navi*

thebaconweave 0

Maybe it's their way of welcoming the newbie?

That's classified info. OP isn't allowed to tell you.

spider63 0

He does walmart security in Baghdad

Nothing like a good bomb threat to kick things off!