By anon - 23/11/2011 22:53

Today, I started my new job at a security company. In the first 15 minutes there was a bomb threat. FML
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i wish my job was that exciting

Must have been a "BOMB" day at , okay ill go back under my rock.


i wish my job was that exciting

this job blows...

until, you know, blow up.

Sounds like a blast.

FML doesn't let me make the arrows and stuff -.-

Paul Blart mall cop their ass!

#18 you deserve 59 internets for that

Sounds like a badass job. Also, how in the hell does OP deserve this?


Isn't that what you would expect from working at a security agency?

I dont think so pal.

Sounds like risky business

are you kidding OP? that's an amazing story for later

Probably the vets picking on the rookies.

It's always the red wire!

That's what I thought till i saw the movie Armageddon. In that movie it was the green wire, or was it the blue one? ... Oh crap I'm screwed.

It depends on the type of bomb.

Here we go bomb expert^

71- Pretty sure that's probably a baseball uniform, since you know, he's holding a baseball bat and there are baseballs in the background.. Not a polo and khakis..

Hehe, he looks chubby ^_^

Pretty sure his weight is irrelevant here, but I'm sure the extent of this guy's bomb disposal skills is something along the lines of "hold A to defuse the bomb".

Guys the bomber spray painted all the wires!

Must have been a "BOMB" day at , okay ill go back under my rock.

Let me guess- you work for Ganondorf.

You're not ready without the light arrows.

It's dangerous to go alone (under your rock)! Take this! *Gives Navi*

Maybe it's their way of welcoming the newbie?

Newfags can't defuse.

where exactly do you work ??

That's classified info. OP isn't allowed to tell you.

He does walmart security in Baghdad

Nothing like a good bomb threat to kick things off!