By justplaindumb - 04/08/2016 00:48 - United States - Des Moines

Today, I walked into a wall, smashing my laptop into the top of my eye socket. This was all because I was carrying my laptop, phone and chocolate mug cake, all while trying to watch Netflix on said laptop. I feel like a 2016 cliché. FML
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Netflix's and smash (into a wall)

whatever you were trying to watch, I just hope it was worth it


whatever you were trying to watch, I just hope it was worth it

Netflix is taking over our society. That said I too have fallen prey to Netflix, I hit my shoulder though.

Netflix's and smash (into a wall)

why walk around? couldn't you find a spot and than turn on Netflix?..we live, we learn :)


SauceySarah 30

I clicked "I agree, your life sucks," because I would be such a huge hypocrite and a liar if I pretended I haven't ever been there. I feel your pain because same, OP.

Just because you've done it doesn't mean you didn't both deserve it. LOL.

Leviathene 34

First world problems :) Hope your eye is ok.

This is gonna be even funnier in 10 years time when it pops up again in the random section...

Well, you are.

jcash52426 5

I think you got was you deserved! Why didn't you just hit pause and move your laptop and other stuff.

Never make a second trip, eye-socket or not lol