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Today, I got mugged. As the guys who took my purse were about to walk away, my cellphone rang in my pocket. FML
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just_a_dude_ 0

should've answered it and said "oh thanks I almost forgot to give them my phone with the tracking device ".

Jbfu 0

damn telemarketers, do they ever call at the right time?


AbuelaGrande 0

In my pueblo we do not do that especially at night because the Corbades come at night time and they take things that aren't theirs things that belong to you. Pero que cosa mas fea!!! Eso no me gusta.

imacreeper 3

did your ringtone go a little something like "kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat, gotta make my mind up - which seat can I take?!"

bad timing = karma's way of giving us the middle finger.

38 I thought giving the middle finger was telling me I'm number one?

That's why my phones always on vibrate when I leave the house

ienjoithinqs 0

i still don't get why they were walking away instead of running 0.o

JustLetItHappen 2

You keep your phone on vibrate just in case you get mugged?

enonymous 8

49 why run when you can enjoy the scenic stroll through the park. Maybe there was a street magician there. I know when I mug someone and I see the swing set. I'm ******* riding that swing set

Or when you are one of the last six people alive in the country, and you do anything for just one Twinkie.

Find out who was calling you and **** them up later XD

rallets 22

whats does zombieland have to do with anything? and i thought it was 4 people, excluding bill murray

saaaalt 4

could of been worse... coulda ended up on cops..

milakitty21 0

because you think you are going to get mugged??

37- if u didn't like that song u wouldn't know the lyrics

rallets 22

he was probably quoting the original by bob dylan

Did he also take those $100 you found an hour earlier?

Lumenoire 0

The ringtone: Lets do the fork in the garbage disposal, let's do the fork in the garbage disposal! DING DING DING DING-- (ding repeated for 5 min)

johnnybagodonuts 2

seems like you still have your phone...+1 for you

seems like you enjoy pointing out the obvious...-1 for you

uhh, reread it bud. op said they had their phone in their pocket, therefore they still have their phone...

noboundary 9

No, she had her cellphone stolen. It says as the muggers were about to walk away her cellphone, which was in her pocket rang, so that means that the muggers realized this and went back and took it away from her.

Your the guy who lives with 2 cats you tell me...

Yes, so did the mugger call to see if the op could hang out later, but was too shy to ask in person? I'm baffled.

maybe the mugger submitted the FML on ops phone, pretending to be op

BigHoshJosh 0

what the hell man!! The earth is covered with idiots! she wouldn't have added the phone part if it didn't get stolen too!

aliceisbored 11

3, 13, & 25. Could you guys get any more stupid?

It seems that the people with extended vowels are the dumb ones. I'm pretty sure she was implying that the muggers took her phone. Otherwise that piece of information would be totally moot!

yeah agSwag dont try and act all smart when you dont know what the hell tour talking about. Dumbass

hossjosh 1

idk why 74 & 35 got thumbs down, I thought their comments were funny, but then again it seems there are a lot of idiots on this site that probably don't get humor.

sarahmcgeee 5
sarahmcgeee 5

&&reign; I like you you're a sharks fan. good man (:

27- thanks god for someone like you. I thought I was the only one who realised he was referencing that.

just_a_dude_ 0

should've answered it and said "oh thanks I almost forgot to give them my phone with the tracking device ".

gayboii is back! Everyone hide your pens for god's sake!

aye so im guessing i came back too soon.... people still remember? :/

imacreeper 3

gayboii, your name is gayboii. of course everyone will remember. just embrace your past, all because it's history doesn't mean we dont remember or look back on it;)

alright well maybe i was hoping some of yous might have left by now... no offence kay

hook_em 0

i might not know what either of those words mean... but im no gonna take shit from you kay just coz everyone else on here lives up your arse

hook_em 0

I for one don't live up anyone's azz I was just quoting a movie quote from hangover

why dont u people just read the FML and go on to the next one. without picking on people on the site, or in other words "get a life".

gr mt... gt pr blld n ths wbst.... nd m nt sr wht th hll hppnd t m cmmnt bt tht NT wht pstd :L

Sirin, I still have no idea why you enjoy the taste of vowels so much. :P

Gayboii, I don't even comment that much anymore but seriously you're speaking gibberish man, get a hold of yourself.

FMLandurstoo 9

If you're gonna come back at least create a new account for a fresh start. Oh and in your bio you should mention how you're hated on the Internet.

rallets 22

i just felt like jumping into this epic thread

HappyCynic 0

Seems gayboii has lost his vowels. O_o

gayboii I am having much difficulty reading your last two comments. I'm nor fluent in nonsense or dumbass, sorry.

Yep we remember. But whatever you're ok by me.

is it the wrong time to jump in to say that gayboii is quite attractive?

kewlkate 9

Y'all, gayboii has just had his keyboard freeze up, or it's a bug, I'm sure he's not trying to make himself look stupider than he is already being thought of as.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

I hate how ppl live in the past of what something from my point of view gayboii isnt doing anything wrong and everyone is trolling him so before u try to start something with someone think first (:

FMLandurstoo 9

It's just fun to give him shit.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

from my point of view the ones trolling now are u guys not gayboii so stop living in the past and move on god damn...I mean u can't just someone comment on something without criticizing him? get a ******* life damn...and I don't care what he's done in the past that doesn't matter. (: thx u

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

ehh crap lol didn't see next page ignore my latest one :p

hook_em 0

157 just stay out of it. it's no bug because you can make out what he has put and also for you 162 no one cares have a nice day and mr Herbert stay away from the little kids

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hy Gys I is fln knd gay. Holy shit! it's contagious!

FMLandurstoo 9

Why did the whole gaiboii conversation disappear?

Jbfu 0

damn telemarketers, do they ever call at the right time?

therw is no right time for telemarketers

meggieh815 0

88- I don't know why you're getting thumbed down. that was funny. haha :)

They should've raped her, then it would truly suck.

lottso88 4

and they're going to mug him/her again for the cell phone.

jdawg2010 0

she's saying, #9, that her phone rang in her pocket and so now they might steal that, too. derp.

Ef17 0

Okay wasn't sure the

You are either just jokeing or your really stupid.

BooGhosted 0

Well 184 you can't spell so I wouldn't say anything!:D

That's bad luck but in that case it's better to just give him the phone than try something risky so I hope you didn't risk your life to save it

as he aproached u shank him in the throat?