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Today, I was making out with my boyfriend. It was going well until our braces got caught. Out of pain, I tried to pull away, which made my eyes water. Then I sneezed in his mouth. FML
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"YDI for having bad teeth / not looking after your teeth" Really? The vast majority of people who have braces have them to correct something they could not possibly have any control over, like misaligned teeth or an over/underbite. Not looking after your teeth gives you cavities, not braces.

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ohh, devo!! I always mocked my friend saying that it was going to happen to her but I never did. poor you sorry xxx


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ohh, devo!! I always mocked my friend saying that it was going to happen to her but I never did. poor you sorry xxx

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at least you had a bf... ydi for having bad teeth

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yea I think this is fake sry only time I've ever heard of this happening was in the movies

fake I had braces, there are no possible places where 2sets could get tangled

It's possible that the hooks for the bands got tangled if they were really going at it.

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Am I a cruel person for laughing my ass off at this?

7- I kinda feel ur desperate.. Every single FML involving a bf/gf u comment on it saying atleast u have a bf/gf.. :S 15- You and everyone who laughed at this are going to hell!!:@ *BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA*

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Okay I'll see you guys there then.(: There are alot of bodily fluids depicted in this post. :P Yum.

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19 - You are aware that most times, kids get braces because their teeth naturally don't align right? It has nothing to do with personal tooth care. All three of my siblings had braces. I could have had them if I wanted but was told it wasn't necessary. My three siblings all were fanatic about oral hygiene. Me... not at all.

I don't think I've ever heard of someone getting braces because they have bad dental hygiene. I had braces because I had a large gap between my front teeth. Bridges, crowns, cavities, gingivitis, etc. are more likely to have to do with poor dental hygiene

That's really not true, I have braces because I was involved in a car accident when I was young and it screwed my teeth over.

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@15, Yes TaylorTots, you are a cruel person for laughing. Welcome to the club, there's cookies and cake for everyone.

7 I also feel your pain **** anti flood

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Braces can't get stuck together to the point where they can't be separated. I've tried. Not trying to be a dick, but I think this is fake.

44 actually they can, it happened to my friend once

7 I will smack you in your ******* mouth and then you can get braces.

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How? The closest I got was getting the band hooks hooked on each other, and it wasn't too hard to undo that. Maybe post is real, I just don't know how you could get stuck like that.

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Best. Make. Out. Session. Ever.

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Ew, I don't like cake. D: Cookies and icecream instead?

it's like that one song about there barces got cought while kissing

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#91 Don't diss the nerds! There are some hot nerds out there. :P

94 are u Hispanic or black? I think black but can't tell from ur pic.

oh wait. u cud b white too. forget me hehe

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You guys must be thirteen. In which case, no one cares.

19- You can't stop having to get braces.... It isn't from not taking care of your teeth. It's from them just simply being crooked, too close together, or too far apart.

108 but he got the hot girl to day words to him. success. rofl

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TaylorTotsYumm I'm VIP to hell we can walk in together I'll show you around 

OOOHHHH OH OH OH IM A NERD!!!!! I'm also a jock . lol yes there are nerdy jocks out there . if I could get a pic of myself on here through the itouch I will but my computers retarded n I'm too lazy to fix it right now 

way to be a dick, 7. sometimes people get braces cause they like them. or thier parents make them. it's not about bad teeth.

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OOOOOOPS! I meant number 98's name hahaha

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hey 7 stop being a douche unless you purposefully screw up ur teeth you can't control it so stfu.

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LOL!! Series of unfortunate events :p sad day for you, OP... lol

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u guys are retards. people get braces because their teeth are naturally in the wrong place .and op; what ar you,13?

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Haha. Middle school puppy love.

yeaaahhhh lmfaooo so i guess that makes two of us

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hahahhhah;; lmao. you sneezed in his mouth ?! that's gross..!!!

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Looking after your teeth has nothing to do with braces, ********! It's caused by the way your teeth grow not not looking after them you dim-headed *******.

welcome to the dark side. ;). we have cookies.

19, if you know anything you would know that it doesn't matter how well you take care of your teeth, it matters if they're naturally crocked. Use your brain.

#174 well now that their in the dark side, should we tell them we lied about having cookies?

sounds like you need to be more careful. and he's a dum ass

well tbh I wouldn't wanna date someone it that was a possibility of happening again. 0.0 FYL

Says he who can't spell *dumb* correctly

Reminds me of this one time when i had braces and i went down on my girl..... uhhh nvm

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4- goddamn, that thought made my ****** hurt 0.0 eep

it's funny, cause someone just called me a fatass.. which one am I?

Nobody called you fat. Get your anorexic thoughts out of here.

He was talking to the OP, not you. I thought that was obvious.

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9- u retard! of course u can! if u dont brush ur teeth day and night then what do you expect?! you dont naturally get bad f***ing teeth, nd every1 stop bein an a**h*** and bullying andruha...priks