By phonesnshit - 29/05/2010 04:04 - Canada

Today, I was expecting a very important work call. Today was also the day I got insuppressible diarrhea. As I was running to the washroom, the phone rang. I didn't make it to the washroom or the phone. FML
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why didn't you just have a portable phone with you?

Op sounds like you wound up in a shity situation there! I know I'm wrong for that but I couldn't pass it up...


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Ohh, another "explosive" diarrhea FML. People should learn different words to describe their bowel movements :/

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Yes, I am very happy :] (see my smiley there?) Thank you Ms./Mr. Moderator.

ydi for living anywhere other than Chicago, especially Canada

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11 get off your computer and get a life. ignorent price of crap maybe before posting a comment you shoud see how Canada is.

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I like Canada.(: There are lots of squirrels there.

I love how it's only racist if you're a white person insulting a visible minority but it's completely alright for Americans to mock Canada and France all the time. How about you come live here for a year or two and then give your "opinion" fucktard.

11 fails in life, Chicago ain't that great I lived there for 3 years then went to New York baby, that's where the money is

the eff you was for that hot guy that was saying Canada is bad.

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I guess this isn't the same person that names their craps, because then this would be called something funny. Funny names people, get on it!

23... Canada and France are not races so it is not racism... and you just did the same thing by generalizing negatively about Americans... I'm an American and I don't bash other countries for "humor".

11 - andruha - shut your ******* ***** mouth you ****. canada rocks your ****** socks off you ugly pice of shit, your photo looks like ****** crap nice hair u ****** fag

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did you hear? the Canadian olympic mens hockey team won the gold metal! well.. the must have been on their 'eh' game. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAHH!

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I'm assuming since 97% of all new phones sold are cordless that OP has at least one. Why not keep the phone on you if the call is so important??

that's what I thought, carry your wireless phone to the can

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couldve been worse, you couldve shat in the phone and answered the toilet

#70 ftw! And I like Canada! And I'm American! Canada ha the biggest mall AND they gifted the world with Deadmau5 :)

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I wouldve answered the call. the phone can't transfer smells

75 I love you. Joel Zimmerman is my hero. <3

why didn't you just have a portable phone with you?

Op sounds like you wound up in a shity situation there! I know I'm wrong for that but I couldn't pass it up...

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Come on Vanni, my love, make me do number ones, just like IRL! ;) lol JK

hey fucktard I live in Montreal. and Canada rapes ur mom ignorent Americans get off your goddamn computers and go outside and stop posting bad things about a country. ******.

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Canada snubbed America by not letting it be the 11th provence. We had to wait years to get government funded health care.

16 I agree with you. you should go it's awesome. 11 is just an ignorent emo

yea there are lots like one that bit my finger. lol

23 I whrote a comment like u and it got deleted it was kinda owning 11s ass it was how ignorent americans think there the best. it's cuz there parents teach them crap and now they know it.

Um, so let me get this straight. You're pissed at a handful of Americans for insulting your country and making sweeping generalizations, sooo... you do the exact same? Pot. Kettle. "how ignorent americans think there the best."

you're now doing what you dislike though. you hate Americans for stereotyping Canada and France and other countries but you are stereotyping Americans. for a moment, please, think.