By singleandheartbroken - 17/08/2009 12:04 - Australia

Today, I tried to propose to my girlfriend of 5 years. I love her so much and I've been treating her extremely well. Before I could pop the question, she said in these exact words: "Babe, our relationship is like a drunken night. Fun while it lasted but its something I'd rather forget." FML
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ok everyone, im the OP, hear me out. 1. "..i've been treating her extremely well.." the reason why I said that was not because I'm a jackass, it was so you all knew that I didnt disrespect her or lie to her or anything, in case you would accuse me of being a shitty boyfriend. I wasn't at all. I used to surprise her with flowers occasionally, which I'd never done before with any other woman. (which does not mean i was a shitty boyfriend to my other girlfriends.. it just means i tried extra hard with this girl.) 2. all of you have been saying "well at least you didnt get to ask." Ok, yeah, I didn't say the words "will you marry me", but I had the ring in my hand and was about to get on one knee.. but before I could she stopped me.. so I'm guessing she realized that I was going to pop the question. 3. pimpin88 - once again, you have mistaken me for someone I am not. I was not clingy, I was just telling the world of FML that i really *DID* care about her.. I mean 5 years for god's sake.. sorry, i'm still bitter.. it's weird that you say that because in our relationship she always seemed to be interested in only me.. even in the last week that we were together it was all totally fine. I have no idea what happened. Nothing changed, at least I dont think...

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At least she said it BEFORE you proposed. But still, she's kind of a bitch, i mean, if she really felt that way, why did she stay with you for 5 YEARS?

Well, in this case, you just need more beer.


Well, in this case, you just need more beer.

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lol wtf #1? Anyway, the good thing is that you found out that she's not the right girl for you and you don't have to waste anymore time with her. Sucks though.

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Ha... i mean.. that's sad.. FYL

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I think the only sad thing here is that she managed to keep that quiet for 5 years...

At least she said it BEFORE you proposed. But still, she's kind of a bitch, i mean, if she really felt that way, why did she stay with you for 5 YEARS?

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i don't see why she is a bitch. perhaps the relationship was good for the last four years, and had just gone down hill recently. she said it was fun, after all. she's not a bitch for deciding he was not the boy for her :/ in fact, i would say it was more his fault for missing the signs that she wasn't completely in love with him. but seriously, you guys sound like bitter teenage boys. 'oh that girl doens't love me anymore whhhaaaaa shes a bitch'

It's not that she's a bitch for breaking up with him, it's that she's a bitch for using such a lame break-up line; whats wrong with simply saying "it's over"? You shouldn't downgrade a relationship just because you want to..

Monica, I recall you being bitchy and saying that it was always the guy's fault that she left him in previous FMLs... I also recall saying that you need to grow up and try being more empathic to others. I guess there's really no point in repeating it, so I just say this; I feel bad for you, OP, but - as is indicated here - there are people out there who don't care about your feelings.

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finnbohgi, who the hell even remembers who posted what in other fmls? get a life and stop name calling others. monica, everyone here bitches at the person who breaks up, whether it's the girl or a guy. but after 5 years? if she didn't like him, she should have left him way before. and what signs? isn't her staying with him for 5 years sign enough? OP, I agree, at least you didn't say anything before she said that. That would not only have been heartbreaking, it would have been embarrassing.

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Good one, #41. That is sad though, at least you didn't ask her first.

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wait, what are you talking about? i haven't posted on FML for a long time, and i never said it's always the guy's fault when a relationship ends. i'm certainly grown up and wondering if you are confusing me with someone else. and i don't think that line was bitchy, especially if it was the truth. :/perhaps she could have said it a little nicer, yeah, but considering there is no way to know the whole story, it seems rather silly to call out bitch. as i said before, people on FML are quite bitter. MLIA is much better.

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#47-the reason it's bitchy is that it was a FIVE YEAR RELATIONSHIP and she compared it to a drunken night full of "mistakes". If it had lasted like a week, maybe two, then maybe that'd be an appropriate thing to THINK, not say...well, maybe something similar if it's really what the person thinks, but in a lot nicer way.

Monica, you're a bitch, and the OP's girlfriend is a bitch.

Monica I think all they mean is that the way she broke up with him after a five-year relationship like that was a little harsh. Let's say that, rather that her being a bitch, that it was a bitch move of her.

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Aw man. That sucks. I'm sorry!

Well, she wasn't the girl you thought she was. Time to move on, now.

That is very harsh. Why would she stay with you for 5 years if she felt that way? Dude you can do better good luck

He took 5 years to propose.... come on now! And i'm sure there are things he's not saying seeing as he wants the fml community on his side. Such as he spent much of the years in manic depression, unemployment and generally sponging off her.

Omg this one actually makes me want to cry. What drunken night lasts for five years?!!!! Your (ex) girlfriend is a bitch. I'm not even going to lie.

Sounds like she is seeing someone. There are many girls in the world who appreciate for who you are and what you are! Keep your head up and keep looking. The perfect one is around the corner.