By thefatnurse - 13/11/2014 02:48 - United States - Roswell

Today, one of the patients on the mental health unit where I work looked me up and down and said; "Well, I guess it's a popular misconception that all fat people are jolly." FML
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haliacc 17

Hey, at least you're not the one in the mental institution.

He's the one in the mental institution. Just ignore his derogatory comment.


haliacc 17

Hey, at least you're not the one in the mental institution.

Many are mad but few are roaming.

He's just mad at Op.

plot twist. op is a patient and is talking to a santa Claus cutout

Well technically op is in the institution. They just happen to work there instead of being a patient

As a fat person I have 2 emotions: Angry and hungry.

Fjzhbagbghdckxgzx??????????????????????⚠️Bibb xb?

God, people can be so insensitive.

I know right, it's crazy!

Might have something to do with his mental condition.

He's the one in the mental institution. Just ignore his derogatory comment.

Agreed. The thing about people in mental institutions or anything similar is that you cannot take offense to anything they say. Working in a field like that, it's one of the first things you should be told. And I say this from personal experience.

#63 is right you know, they may not realize how rude their comment is

Don't take a mental patient seriously. No offense.

Astrum14 24

Saying "no offense" doesn't actually make things any less offensive. It just makes it clear that you have no self awareness.

It's simply a way of being polite.

Saying no offense means that while the comment may seem offensive, you weren't trying to offend.

27 - actually i disagree, if use correctly it implies that the person saying it is just being honest, rather than saying it to be hurtful. like "no offence, but you are overweight" vs "haha your so fat". so although offence is taken either way, you take MORE offence when the intention is to offend.

(timed out after i posted) remember i say "if used correctly". i mean that it makes a big differnce the situation its used, just because you say "no offence" before something rude doesnt mean you arnt being rude and intentionally offensive. like, if it is your doctor telling you youre overweight vs a person you dont like.

Just because it's a mental patient doesn't automatically make anything they say crazy, people get institutionalized for different reasons. I personally don't take what anyone says seriously because I don't care.

#5 no offense just means that even though you no it is offensive, u still r saying it. If it wer not overused so much, I might speak differently

ChristianH39 30

No offense but your spelling needs work.

"We're all mad here"

"I'm mad, you're mad."

Have a very happy unbirthday to you! Who me? Yes you!

Most people don't need reason to be insensitive. They just are.

DianaFrances411 13

God. People are so judgmental.

He might see you differently to what you actually are.

boxers4lyfe 17

Very true. Since OP is at work it might just be how he acts at work and be a total joy outside of work. I know I am not jolly in work

Don't mind him. He's just mad.

muis545 21

It's a mad world!