By anonymous - 05/09/2014 16:17 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend was about to sneeze. To avoid getting his new tablet wet, he chose to sneeze right into my face instead. FML
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Did you wipe the mucus off of your face and onto the tablet?

So hitting him isn't childish?


Did you wipe the mucus off of your face and onto the tablet?

#1 that's a childish way to handle this kind of situation. I would slap his face! Ain't nobody be sneezing on me for now on!

So hitting him isn't childish?

I would hit him, that's disgusting, I mean I understand you don't want to have to clean your tablet but I don't want that crap in my face.

Have some sense of humor guys. Fff you're boring.

thumbing up your own comment I see

@26 your original comment still gets a thumbs down because it's wack.

No tissues? He can use your shirt too.

Couldn't he of used his sleeve?

Oh for fuck's sake, again?

I see her point here, usually if you cough, sneeze etc, you do it in your elbow and not on the person next to you.

What's your deal, #17? Honestly, its the polite thing to do.

#3, I really hate to be that guy, but it annoys me when people use 'of' instead of 'have' so.... *have

Thank you, I didn't realize my mistake. c:

#33 - 40 made my point for me, I'm sick and tired of people not knowing there is 'have' instead of 'of' although it sounds simlar...

52-they don't sound similar to me, although it just be they way I say em

#53 That's not that important, I mean, how anyone in their right mind can think there is something like 'should of done something'. It's a nuisance.

Just spit on him if he did that

Caring is sharing?

I'm not sure if I'd feel cared about if someone sneezed all over my face, haha.

Plus it's the other way around. Sharing is caring

Oh yeah. He's a keeper. Wipe your snot on him next time you sneeze

I would have just wiped my face with his shirt

Next time u have a sneeze, use ur boyfriends shirt as a tissue and make it even

Aw gross. Vampire sneeze, dude.

He has some interesting priorities.

I wouldn't consider it priorities because I thought it was common sense to sneeze on your sleeve or the inside of your shirt (I do that). But I guess not.... I feel bad for OP, that's disgusting.

That snot very nice