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Today, I was helping some neighbors corral and tag their cattle. Deciding to take a break, I turned my back to all 3 men and jumped down from an old, rusty gate. Luckily, the sharp piece of metal sticking out of it barely missed my skin. Instead it tore off the ass of both my pants and undies. FML
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ouch. that sucks. I've done that in front of my brother-in-law.


MadaZer0 8

What female would have a hairy ass? Unless she inherited that trait from her dad I say she should has slashed her ass so that the Doctors would take care of it lol.

snickerdoodles, maybe if you stop saying dumb stuff and keep commenting back at other people so much, then you wouldn't be known as the "bitch of" Love, The Troll Hunter :D

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Snickerdoodles, people might respect you more if you stopped correcting them. Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics: Even if you win, you're still retarded. Let people type the way they want, use incorrect grammar, whatever----and if they say something stupid, they'll just sound like an idiot. I personally don't think you're a bitch or anything because of it, but you have to notice how many people are sick of you correcting them. Just chill, and maybe you'll make some friends on here :)

it's okay snicker, I love you even if you look like a 12 year old boy with a wig <3

MermaidSong, THANK YOU!!!!! I couldn't have worded that better myself :D

how do you hate snickerdoodle il(her) comments and think she is hilarious x.x she owns :P

Kriptonite, you sir..... ARE ******* HALARIOUS!!! *cyber high five*

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I love snickerdoodles she's my girl.

I agree ^^^ well as far as everyone hating on snickerdoodles. but what he wants u to suck on well Ima have to pass with that. but really there is no reason for everyone to be gangin up on her why don't u just actually LISTEN to her for once n ull see that u don't have to worry about her bein "a bitch" when n reality u know that she has stronger arguements than u can handle

Yes, because agreement necessarily makes people "conformist losers". And seriously, "conformist"? Go back to high school.

NeonWar__ 0

I do dislike snickerdoodles because she just talks crap. She knocks people over nothing. she talks about having respect for people but she puts people down for spelling mistakes. Some people are not good at spelling (namely myself) and what about typos? People don't proof read on the internet! She being a bitch for no reason and she's getting hated because of it. She should grow up and stop nitpicking at every little thing to appear better. She's a bellend.

I agree with someone1989. Wait, does that make me a conformist loser for agreeing with him? Well **** me, looks like we got a conundrum. Zapp: "Rock crushes scissors! But paper covers rock. And scissors cuts paper! Kif, we have a conundrum." Kif: *sigh* Zapp: "Search them for paper! And ... bring me a rock!"

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I now hate snickerdoodles even though I've only ever seen like 2 of her comments.

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since people were calling her Ginger she changed the picture to one that doesn't show her hair. LMAO I'm ginger, I don't care!

awww... poor snickerdoodles isn't this the second time today that people have jumped on you for having an opinion? maybe it's time to call it a day?

Oh man here we go again... Run the F-bombs are comming! (Runs to the bomb chamber)

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I realise there are a ton of replies before mine, but.. #132, I find that little (old) "arguing on the Internet" to be ironic, for lack of a better word. If you don't like what someone says or does, it is best to ignore it -I really doubt you, or anybody, telling them what they can do to improve themselves and make others like them will actually effect them in any direct way. You'll save time and energy by just skimming over their posts.

Tenebrae 0

Urg. Meant 32, not 132. I kinda feel like I didn't get my first idea across, at that, but I really do suck at typing with this iPod Touch, so I won't bother for now.

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Tenebrae 0

"u" being me or being everyone who's been arguing about this and that?

lilbz76 0

How bout if they arent mistakes, what if thats what you meant to type. like how i dont capitalize, and don't use fricken yes i said fricken and all my "mistakes"are underlined, apostraphes, or even give a crap how something is spelled. Phew, glad thats ouuta my system. No but really, I just got on this site and i noticed that people are really uptight, RELAX YOUR SPHINCTERS, ITS ALL IN GOOD FUN! For me that is, i dont know what some of you are so stressed about, dont you know ,stress kills.

lolroflmao 0

this has to be one of the longest set of comments I hav ever seen -_-

Snickerdoodles, you just spelled 'kripotonite' wrong. It's kryptonite.

Whoops, didn't realise that Kriptonite is a username. My glory at correcting Snickerdoodles was short-lived. Sigh.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Cows aren't the only mammals to produce manure... Just sayin' In that situation, you could've at least TRIED to be resourceful and use the opportunity at hand :P

Ajjas013 6

ouch. that sucks. I've done that in front of my brother-in-law.

Soybean254 0

why do people assume whenever an FML happens someone happens to have a camera and take picture of it happening

cameronparty 0

@soybean, sorry to have offended your sensibilities, actually come here for fun and try never to be serious. Seriously!

Ajjas013 6

I know it makes a lot of mistakes, but in some cases the mobile version is better :)

Shut ur fat donkey ass up!grammar Nazi these nutz!

should be happy it missed you. Could've been worse

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shouldn't have messed with them damn animals lol YDI!

p3rfect_ins4nity 0

hahaha gingerdoodles! that's hilarious kriptonight123 ur my hero lol

MadaZer0 8

You'll manage! My doctor would say, "it's only a flesh wound" <.<

Tenebrae 0

Your doctor, unless you're a soldier, sounds awful.