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Today, I was in the hospital. I had recently broken my arm, and had to have it re-broken. I've secretly been a lesbian for years. Guess who came out to her strict Christian parents while on anesthetics. FML
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mehwhocares 9

That's a little awkward. Hope it turns out okay.

Samster2000 9


mehwhocares 9

That's a little awkward. Hope it turns out okay.

Yeah in with 1 on how awkward it must've been like I'm a little curious how OP said this while on the drugs.. Cause we never say the right thing let alone the right way when on that stuff.

silbot 11

Oh god... I hope it turns out okay OP. I think I'd rather have my arm broken than have my parents find out I'm gay

Just blame it on the drugs. People always say crazy stuff whilst on anesthesia

If they can't accept OP being a lesbian thats a problem. It doesn't matter how religious you are and I may be an atheist but doesn't the bible say somewhere to accept everyone?

Exactly #79. You are supposed to love your neighbor as yourself. Love everyone, even the sinners.

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Sucks your parents crazy...? Sounds like an awkward situation...

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bettyboop428 24

It should be: Damn, that sucks. Your parents are crazy. Sorry, OP!

What? 'You're' would make no sense at all...he was probably just missing a comma and the word 'are.' So, "that sucks, your parents are crazy." Yup, it's that simple.

31 - I am pretty sure "grammar nazi's" like yourself are supposed to know when to use your or you're lol

"Damn that sucks you are parents are crazy?"

Llamacod 11

75 it would be "damn that sucks you are parents crazy", you accidentally added the other "are" which made the comment make too much sense in comparison to the original

Samster2000 9

I'd say third broken arm after this incident.

You will be fine. I bet you feel better for finally getting that off your chest! Christian or not, your parents should love and respect you no matter who you turn out to be.

Yeah, no. I've had friends who were disowned by their Christian parents for stuff like this. It's not guaranteed, but they're usually not too tolerant of gays and lesbians.

40 - Stop acting like you're an expert on Christians. "They're usually not too tolerant"? I have seen tons of Christians who accept homosexuals as equals. There are Christians who are homophobic, sure. However, the same can be said for atheists, pagans, Muslims and any other group you care to mention. The people who use Christianity as an excuse for homophobia are the same kind of people who won't let their kids play Pokémon because you "enslave animals". And yes, I actually saw someone say that.

40- I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a Christian and I, and my church, believe that it is wrong to discriminate because of ones sexual orientation. So you can't just make such a general comment like that.

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I'm a christian and although I don't agree with the act of homosexuality, I would never discriminate someone because of their sexual orientation. I have plenty of homosexual friends, and I accept that they don't agree with my beliefs and vice versa.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

68- But you haven't met every single Christian in the world. Just because the number of intolerant Christians YOU'VE met outweighs the tolerant ones YOU'VE met doesn't mean anything. I'm Christian and I happen to be very tolerant, as is my entire family and the church I go to. Your "well founded" opinions are just that- opinions. Not fact.

ArielTheMermaid 17

68 I'm a Christian and I feel that if someone wants to be gay, that's their decision. It doesn't affect my life so why should I worry?

#68 You probably met some of those Westboro idiots. I never thought I'd say this about a church, but Westboro Baptist Church needs to be blown sky high. Even my boyfriend, who is tolerant of just about everyone, hates them with a passion, as do I and most people from our church.

I get what you are driving at and I don't entirely disagree. I mean, you can totally stereotype my country since it is typically reserved and same sex marriage is unheard of. But regardless of the religion, I think it still boils down to how "strict", religious or accepting the parents are. My family members generally have a based opinion on something unconventional thinking or behaviors. But, whenever you try to throw in a stereotype, there's always an exception, although it's a small minority. I happen to be part of that minority who supports same-sex relationships. So you aren't exactly wrong.

Rectov 10

Christians are, however, a much larger and, unfortunately, more influential even if it's just a small number of Christians, (which I don't think it is because every Christian I know is homophobic) it's still a lot of people.

Rectov 10

So you're saying that just because he knows mainly intolerant Christians his opinions are irrelevant but since you know many tolerant ones then you're right. This is why a lot of people don't like Christians. Usually, a simple debate is one sided because the Christian can't accept your views. Notice I didn't say all.

TallMist 32

Never met a tolerant Christian that isn't homophobic, biphobic or transphobic, 107? Now you have.

Your parents should always support you. Hopefully they can understand.

Llamacod 11

so if your child goes all "david brom" on your family while you're at a meeting should you still support your child?

OhimWilliam 1

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Well my parents are homophobes and I think if I was part of the LGBT community I would worry about telling them. It makes you shaky thinking your parents may disown you, tell you were a mistake, try to make you change your mind, etc..

Ok I know what the l g and b stand for but what is t I'm confused

KiiwiiRox 6

It isn't that easy. I came out to my parents and they cried hysterically and told me I was the devil. I'm sorry to say they are no longer a part of my amazing life. Some people just can't deal or won't deal with it. It's their loss basically.

TallMist 32

L - Lesbian G - Gay B - Bisexual T - Transgender/Transsexual Hope that clears that up for you.

Thaumat 4

I'd say the re-breaking of your arm is probably being overlooked.

I am currently more interested in what the Hell your profile picture is supposed to be than your comment.

29 - it looks like a close up of an animals muzzle. I'm assuming a dog

It's a dog!! Person who took the picture was looking for the Dogs gold!

its a dogs butt with sunglasses on it.

conholio33 28

Sorry to hear that OP hope it all works out for you

talinatr 1

Maybe the timing was good because they'll feel too sorry for you to get too mad at you about it? One can hope, right? Anyway, at least it's hopefully a relief to finally be able to tell them :)

Darn it! Those anesthetics seem to help enjoy helping others reveal their secrets.

StiffPvtParts 43

This is precisely why I'm terrified of ever going under while on such anesthesia ( *-*)