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By  Black_Knight80  |  13

That's the 1st rule!! never say that!!

  thomcmoore  |  23

Careful #1, #37 thinks you're a douche. Now be a good Canadian, #37, and apologize.

  lexiieeex3  |  32

I think #1 meant never say "I love you" while being frisky, rather express your feelings when you're thinking clearly and not swept up in the heat of the moment.

  okudatwo  |  11

Pfft, sorry if you dislike the truth, but your opinion doesn't make it any less true. Most men don't like commitment like love at such a young age.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

It says nothing about OP's age. She could be any age. And kids are constantly over using "I love you" (although it doesn't really mean anything when they say it). As for the part about guys not wanting commitment at a young age, I'm 17 and see nothing wrong with being committed to somebody at this age (although I don't know if you meant young like my age, or young like 13). I also have known many guys my age who are or were in long term relationships.

  jackycat  |  17

Yes, because many seventeen year olds are mature enough for a serious long term relationship. I'm pretty sure seventeen is in the range of too young to really mean it. Especially since your brain hasn't completely developed and your hormones are still running rampant.

  falon142012  |  22

84, maybe some 17 year olds are immature and not ready for commitment, but some are. I met my husband when I was 17. I guess it really just depends on the person. A lot of kids are still really mature, even in today's world. :-)

  skye_tbfh  |  18

so you're telling me that the fact that I'm 17 years old and have been in a long distance relationship for over a year it "means nothing" because we're "kids"? I'm sorry but last i checked, when I tell my mom I love her I mean it. meaning I'm capable of knowing what love is and how to feel it. if you believe that there's a so called "age limit" on when you can mean saying I love you to someone then you have a serious problem.

  MrsPegg  |  45

In 4's defense: the first time my now husband said he loved me, I froze and was speechless. When he said it we had been together just a few months and it took me by surprise. I didn't say anything back but not because I didn't love him- I didn't respond because no one had ever told me they loved me and I was shocked... Albeit, a boner killer and him leaving from saying "I love you" is a red flag. I feel for OP!

By  musicforhearts  |  15

Was that the first time you ever told him you loved him? Maybe he was taken by surprise and didn't know how to react. I don't think it necessarily means he doesn't love you. Just talk to him about it, tell him how you feel (:

By  thatsabiggun  |  11

I'm sorry OP. Your boyfriend may just not feel as strongly as you yet. Oh wait I'm on FML, we don't believe in logical solutions, so... BREAK UP WITH HIM HE'S AWFUL AND YOU DESERVE A MILLION TIMES BETTER! Jk, jk:) it'll get better with time. Sorry though OP.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

I don't get why someone down voted you. What you said is true. Most people on FML instantly jump to telling OP to break up with their significant other whenever an FML is written about their significant other doing something they didn't like. The truth is that every relationship has problems, and it's not right to always tell people to break up with their bf/gf.

  NiceGuysDoWin  |  21

That was my question too. If they have been dating for 3 weeks, that's a bit codependent. if they've been seeing each other for a year, then his reaction is a big red flag. It's all a matter of time, and in today's society, just because they are having sex, that does not necessarily mean that they have been together for very long.

  ocramavaf  |  15

what if they were using protection? casual sex is ok just as long as both parties are aware of the potential ramifications of it and take steps accordingly without the necessity of a serious emotional commitment.