By byegeorge - 17/08/2012 11:26 - United Kingdom - Hounslow

Today, my dog was run over. The man who ran over my dog was taking his own dog to the emergency vet. As the man awkwardly tried to apologise to me, he said, "Think of the irony". FML
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Could be for lots of reasons. Out for a walk, playing outside and chased after the car or just wandered off without OP noticing.

2 - just because there are many reasons doesn't mean they're good... Situations like this are 100% preventable FTDogsLife

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No situation is 100% preventable. Think about it.

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It was preventable. How did OP even think the dog being in the street was alright? "oh look, my dog's in the middle of the street playing and nothing could possibly go wrong".

29 if anything was 100% preventable we wouldn't have pregnancy when they use a condom and or birth control. Nothing is 100% preventable

Wow, you two who are stating that the owner of the dog/the dog are at fault have obviously never had pets or just don't care about animals. There are plenty of reasons why the dog might've been in the wrong place at the wrong time. This could've been the first time the owner didn't see what their pet was doing, and maybe the pet got spooked/confused and didn't know what to do. Also, if this is a residential area, those driving should drive slow and watch for children/pets. Are you saying that if someone's child got run over, the parent is the only one at fault? Completely ridiculous.

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45- if the child doesn't know that it shouldn't be in the middle of the street. Why was the parent not paying attention?

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49- are you a parent? I'm guessing you're not because if you were you'd know it's impossible to keep track of your child's every movement 100% of the time. Accidents happen.

45 - Wow the same thought process is going on in my head right now, what kind of IDIOT do you have to be to state that a dog (or a child!) being run over is the owner/parents fault? Are you even kidding me? No situation is a 100% preventable, things happen ACCIDENTS happen and the fact that these people are actually saying that "they shouldn't have been in the street" are obviously mentally impaired. As much as you'd like to control every single situation, circumstances happen and pets and children alike are sometimes too fast for you to react. In a split second they could run into the street as a car happens to pass. You people are ridiculous.

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58- how would he child get outside without the parent knowing? Maybe it's just me, but I thought the only way outside is to get out of the house. Or am I wrong?

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To #12, Dear asshole, if you checked out his or her profile, you would realize the person is from africa and therefore does not have to speak english. We all understand what was said.

60- On two separate occasions I have seen children alone outside without shoes. Children see parents using the door, sometimes they obviously figure it out.

61- While I agree their grammar nazi-ness is annoying, your claim is false, and kind of close-minded. The country of South Africa is made largely of English speakers. The commenter simply forgot a word. just because somebody is from a different continent or country doesn't necessarily mean they don't speak English.

To #61, #1 and #12 are the same person. If you'd checked out the profiles you would have realised this.

To #61 dumbass... Its the same people... 1= FadingAway 12= FadingAway

61, I was correcting myself. English is my first language, as it is for many other South Africans. I just accidentally left out a word.

"My dog's stomach was very upset so I put him in the car and we went to the vet. And on our way to the vet... I killed a cat! Isn't that ironic?" -Bo Burnham

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I agree with all the people saying that nothing is 100% preventable. Accidents do happen. Also, there are sick people out there who like to hurt animals (and people too). My cat was recently hit by a car and security footage from a nearby school shows my cat was never actually on the road, and some sick **** swerved onto the sidewalk to hit her.

29- Good or not, it isn't OP's fault. The driver-in a rush or not- should have been paying attention to the road in front of him. Animal's have minds of their own and if the dog wandered into the street, that isn't OP's fault. Again, the driver should have been paying attention to the road in front of him.

#45, I think it's more the owner's fault than the driver's, if you had to put someone at fault. First, there's no indication that this was in a residential area. Second, it's not the driver's fault that a dog ran out in front of him, and since we can't really blame the dog (being a creature without the ability to think critically), then it would have to fall on the owner for making the mistake of letting the dog get out. In multiple states there is even a law saying that you can get fined for not having your dog contained (whether it be gate or leash). Granted, this is a terrible accident and happens all the time and was just very unlucky.

40 - it's called abstinence. Sex is not required and preventing pregnancy is quite possible.

45 - to compare a pet to a child is ridiculous. And anyhow if your child is that young to not know not to play in the street with cars then you should not be idiotic enough to let your child play unsupervised 58 - by the time it's hard to not keep track of your child they are at the age to know not to play in the street. If they don't know that then you're doing something wrong as a parent 87 - the driver should have been paying attention yes, however he is not 100% at fault. As an owner comes responsibility of the well being of your pet. Allowing it out on the road is not being responsible. Dogs are smart but not smart enough to always know how to avoid traffic. Teaching the dog proper recall or knowing if the dog has poor recall and taking the proper preventions is responsible pet ownership

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Sorry about your dog. Hope he's okay. The guy could have at least offered money or an apology instead of trying to joke about it.

Considering OP's posting name is 'byegeorge' I'm guessing the dog was not ok :(

I think it was just an inappropriate slip-up. He probably tried to cover up his awkwardness with a joke, which clearly did not help the situation. Sorry about your dog, OP. :'(

Offered money? To replace the dog? Our neighbor's dog ate both our guinea pigs and she said "Well I'll buy you new ones." That's stupid, animals are irreplaceable.

22- not necessarily to replace it, just as a form of compensation. Most people offered money in this situation would not take it anyway, but it makes the apology more sincere.

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I didn't read the username. I was hoping the dog was just injured so money would help with the vet bills. Now I'm sad :(

Or, considering he was already on the way to the emergency vet, he could have taken the poor dog with to even give him a sliver of a chance of survival.

An apology? Sure, money? Well I don't know about the UK and their laws but many places in the US where there are leash laws put the owner at fault here and if anything the owner would need to compensate the driver for any damages done to the vehicle by the animal (dents, flat tires, etc.)

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30 - Yeah, because it's ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for the dog to be on a leash when it got hit.

What are the odds the dog was on a leash in the middle of the street? I'd say use your brain and we can infer it wasn't on a Leah. And if it was. OP, why have your dog in the middle of the street on a leash.

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the dog could have lunged for something across the street. my dog has done that with me. you just let go of the leash on impulse :/

90 if you're walking your dog in the middle of the road and leaving a loose leash when a car comes by you shouldn't own a pet

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I feel like that car ride might get a bit awkward.

I was thinking the same thing about carpool but if it would be faster I would rather put my dogs chances of survival being higher than worrying about have an awkward car ride. I say it would be worth the awkwardness just to give the dog a better chance.

More like car-poodle! Haha just kidding that was corny as ****

FYL OP. I don't think anyone deserves that. I don't even fully blame the guy. He was probably feeling awkward and tried to lighten the moment and it just failed. Still, no one deserves that. Sorry about your dog.

FYL... Did he at least offer to help you get your dog to the vet? Hope he's okay!

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That is ironic, but I hope your dog is okay. He should've offered you a ride to the vet also since he was already on his way there.

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Did it survive? If he still had a chance he could have at least offered to take it to the vet.

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Well, OPs choice of name IS byegeorge...

If I had been offered a ride to the vet I would have avoided it completely, I wouldn't get it to a strangers car no matter what happened, I'd just phone my parents. Shame about her dog though :/

Well I don't blame him, it was an awkward situation! You say stupid stuff in awkward situations.

Maybe the emergency vet has a 2 for 1 deal