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  codfishy74  |  9

Just the silence of them hearing her. Then the knowledge that they are piecing it together. Then not knowing whether to stop for fear they walk in, or to keep going. Decisions decisions decisions... What if they are on their way up? What are they thinking? What will they say? What about the boyfriend? Caught red penised.. What happens to him? Awkwardness in that way.

By  jellyghost  |  12

Everyone has sex now everyone knows your having great sex!

  pbonham  |  22

But it's her dad... I don't think I need to go into great detail as to why her dad hearing her having sex is a bad thing, even if sex is a normal part of life (for those that are old enough D:)

  noellem23  |  3

Why? I'm pretty sure my parents know I have sex, what with me being an adult and a parent... OP might be forty... I think their parents might know they have sex.. you know?

  chlorinegreen  |  27

I don't think it's the fact that she was having sex 83 no matter what the age but sex is usually a private matter and the parents tend to not want to hear their children being violated

By  94yhy  |  8

There are four things that got harder: (i) finishing, (ii) your boyfriend leaving, (iii) the punch your father will give your boyfriend, and (iv) having sex in your room in the future.

By  mackdeezy  |  21

Its bad enough he put you up against the wall, but you sealed the deal. Im curious how long it took your dad to get to your room following that. I wish you luck OP, but you still deserve it.

By  SerpentBoy  |  8

I'm not going to come down on you for taking the train to pound town while your parents are home because it does add an element of adventure and excitement.... but if you can keep your mouth shut during the fun, have your fun somewhere else..