By Brianna Weltmire - 08/04/2012 05:13 - United States - Denver

Today, my mom tagged me in a picture on Facebook. It's a very zoomed in picture of a zit that had just recently erupted on my face. The caption is "My baby's biggest zit yet!" FML
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Oh god... Ask your mom to remove the picture!

Mom is everyone's biggest fear on Facebook, you just never know when she's going to embarrass you.


Oh god... Ask your mom to remove the picture!

I ignored my mom's facebook request because I'M A SOULLESS BASTARD...but I followed her twitter account, because I'm a good boy.

Still, it doesn't stop her from posting a picture with that description, even if you're not friends with her.

good lord! moms can be out of cobtrol sometimes.

OP, what you have to do now is very simple: Step 1: Microsoft Paint. Step 2: Crop zit out. Step 3: Get mom's picture. Step 4: Clone zit as many times as you want. Step 5: Edit the zits onto mom's face. Step 6: Blackmail. Step 7: Problem solved.

I avoided my mom's request for about two months, an she kept bugging me about it. I was like "we live in the same house why must I add you." >.< and then she guilted me into doing it. It's ok because eventually you'll realize how dumb facebook is and never go on it again. Hopefully.

Omgg thats embarrassing :( moms r all the same *sigh* ;P

#46...Good one. Seriously though, it definitely produced a chuckle.

#46...Good one. Seriously though, it definitely produced a chuckle.

Thank God my mom doesn't have a facebook. She would kill me even if she sees me talk to guys. :s she is too strict, and i am 19!

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Omg my mom guilted me into adding her too... Now i'm scared one of my friends are gonna tag me in a photo when im at a party or something and my moms gonna see the photo.

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I posted a correction to 2's mistake at the same time. Now I can't think of anything relevant to say. Sorry.

i didn't know it was possible to biff the spelling so bad on 2 basic words, impressive #2

Jezus, diddnt u eva gett a Ed-you-ma-k-tion??

How does that make her immature? She's a mom. Embarrassing kids is what they do. Now go get a second grade eduction. Thanks in advance.

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Damming must be a nice camera if the image can get that blown up... Unless of course you took a close up shot of your own zit then ydi

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Mom is everyone's biggest fear on Facebook, you just never know when she's going to embarrass you.

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Sure glad my mom doesn't have a Facebook account.

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Sure glad I don't have a Facebook account.

I am glad my mom doesn't use facebook except to download the pictures of the kids I post on it. If she sent me a friend request, I would deny it.

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Wow talk about embarrassing! OP ask your mom to take it off ASAP!

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Ick, I've heard of mothers overreacting on a lot of small (big? According to this FML) things, but this one takes the cake. D: FYL for sure. Keep the cameras away from her.

As well as computers, cell phones, and contact with anyone you know who's not family

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how did she get a picture of your zit to begin with?

READ. It says that it was a very zoomed in picture of his/her zit. Implying it was a blown-up image from a normal photo. Sorry to be such a rude asshole, but, seriously, read carefully before posting something stupid.

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judging by your comments rating, tis you my friend that is the ass hole

18 said "Sorry to be such a rude asshole" not "you're an asshole" omg read everything twice!

25 - I don't even know what to say to you. I tell you to read more carefully. What happens? You don't pay any attention and start spouting more bullshit. If it wasn't for the two people commenting after you, I wouldn't want to live on this planet anymore.

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not that I'm in the mood to argue with a little immature 15 year old but seriously bro get off my dick and quit being such a troll

So. You make a stupid statement, I correct you, you make another stupid statement, which you should not have made if you had read my first statement, I point that out, harshly, I'll give you that, and you're out of ideas so you attack me on my age. Wow, you're such a smart and tough internet guy. I bow down and kiss your boots, and the rest of the FML community doubtlessly does the same. You're actually so intelligent, so clever and so badass that I'll hide in a corner. Careful, FMLers, we got a badass over there.

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atleast your mom didnt add all your friends and then start sharing embarrassing baby photos....damn it mom :(

cool story bro! now quit bitching & stop stealing op's thunder. this is op's fml!!!

48 ~ He was just telling people that. He wasn't trying to "steal her thunder," leave him alone.

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The picture and the caption will remain there though, for the world to see.

But only to the moms friends not theirs

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55, unless op and her mom are friends and her mom selected "friends of friends" instead of just "friends"

Wow, that's so rude and disrespectful. I'd say untag yourself, and then demand she deletes the photo!