By Anonymous - 10/02/2013 17:55 - Norway - Bergen

Today, really desperate to get a job, I filled out an application for a dishwashing job. My application got tossed out, because I'm not an economics major like the other guy applying for the same job. FML
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I know that going to college can help you get a job, but I didn't realize that economics were a part of washing dishes

perdix 29

He would know how the supply of soap met the demand of water, you wouldn't. A mechanical engineering degree would really come in handy, especially if you had done masters work in fluid mechanics.


I know that going to college can help you get a job, but I didn't realize that economics were a part of washing dishes

My guess would be maybe OP doesn't have a degree? But then they should higher her because they could pay her less

Please tell me that that was a badly constructed pun, and not bad spelling.

CharresBarkrey 15

Most employers will pick someone with any 4 year degree over someone without a degree at all.

Depends on the job, a person with a degree usually feel they deserve more money because they got said degree... Even if it had nothing to do with the job they're applying for

CharresBarkrey 15

They're usually more willing to pay more for someone with a degree.

Degree show you can finish what you start

grmnxsensati0n 4

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free2speak 14

29, not when you're applying for minimum wage jobs-- the higher the degree, the better chances of you being hired. I know this because many of English major friends are working minimum wage jobs (mostly baristas) and the only reason they got those jobs was because they had a BA as opposed to GED/high school diploma/Asssociate's that others had. I was an English major too but I did a double major in Biology, as well. I'm pretty sure a dishwashing job wouldn't pay any more than minimum wage. Pretty much any job that is based on hourly pay (and not salary) would prefer to hire someone with a BS/BA over anything less. The way I see it: even a BA in Business in better than an associates in biochem (if that's even a thing?) simply because I've never come across a job that wants to hire someone with an associate's; they require either high school grad or a college grad. Like my company's HR head said, "Associate's might as well be renamed to 'college dropout' degree unless you actually go to college after getting one."

CharresBarkrey 15

47 - Associates are more for vocational schools. Careers such as lab techs, RNs, CT/x-ray techs, and ultrasound techs are often only offered associates degrees, with continued education as they progress in their field. The degrees are mostly career-specific and are usually programs that have combined externships for the field.

free2speak 14

I was mostly referring to the people who get an associate's degree and think they're all done with school. I suppose I struck a nerve there with some of them with that last comment. I just think it's worthless to go to a CC and get one, unless you're actually doing something else after it. Like enrolling in a college or nursing school. A good four-year college education is absolutely essential to succeed in today's world. I'm thankful to be in med school but I can't imagine having to try to find a job with just an associate's.

mega20913 8

Times are hard man..even for people with degrees

That's because of hipsters and their parent's money.

I think it's FHL more for spending much of his money to get a degree and yet ends up working as a dishwasher

perdix 29

He would know how the supply of soap met the demand of water, you wouldn't. A mechanical engineering degree would really come in handy, especially if you had done masters work in fluid mechanics.

Yeah, gotta know how them sinks work

perdix 29

#17, he could experimentally determine the optimal nozzle-to-plate angle for maximum crappage removal.

Or the correct soap to sponge scrub force in regards to getting that pesky cooked on casserole mark removed

perdix 29

#30, now that's using the old noodle . . . to figure out how to get rid of an old noodle.

ohcoolstorybro 14

Somebody killed a good thread^^^

That is one of the most painful feelings in the world, comes very close to stepping on a lego.

Yup, My toe is *****, for it also bangs everything. So I really know the feeling.

Need degrees for the shittiest of jobs.

Mister_Triangle 21

To be a barista all you need is an art degree.

streetriots 9

Yeah right, he must have been so proud to inform his family & Friends that after years of effort & college fees, and getting the Economics Major, he finally landed his dream job, for which he took Economics in the first place. To be a Dishwasher

Think of it this way, at least you didn't spend thousands of dollars for schooling only to find work as a dish washer

Sign of the times man. College degrees get you to nowhere down a different road these days.

So not true. People with degrees CAN go places, just depends how hard they want to work to get there. Don't go convincing kids that university is a waste of time... Broaden your social network OP! The more people professional you know, the easier getting a (good) job will be!

The_F3rris 11

Hard work? More like start kissing major @$$.

Um, excuse me, I have two undergraduate degrees, and am getting my third this year, thank you. I'm currently a barista. Don't go shooting your mouth off about something I never said. I don't discourage anyone from getting a higher education. I'm just saying facts are facts. It's not about what you know these days, but who. College graduates are still having the hardest time finding work post graduation, which is why I went back so I could do exactly what you're recommending, broadening my social network and making contacts.

You said 'college degrees get you nowhere.' That's just not true.

I know my own friends don't constitute a viable data pool, but I have many many friends and acquaintances who have graduated, some bilingual with master's degrees, some with bachelor's degrees, and maybe one or two are actually doing anything pertaining to their field for a livable wage. It's in the newspapers all the time that college degrees aren't getting anyone as far as they used to. Recently I read an article that used a young man who graduated two years ago with the same degree I have and is still working at a coffee shop, same as me except he's crushed under piles of student loan debt. So you can be as high and mighty as you like but the truth is staring you right in the face. People with degrees and those without are in the same boat going in the same direction except one is more broke from loans and debts than the other. Maybe in five or ten years that'll change if the economy recovers. But when you're paying through the nose for your college education by working a minimum wage job that barely pays your living expenses, let alone college expenses, you don't have five or ten years to wait for things to get better.

"I don't always employ dishwashers, but when I do I make sure they have an economics degree."