By Swabidizop - 18/05/2015 20:40 - United States - Greeley

Today, I had the most rancid fart. My dog woke up from his nap and bit me as punishment. FML
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i guess he isnt sleeping when youre around anymore.

Aww poor dog. You woke him.


You could of atleast gone outside,wouldve saved you from the dog bite

Swandive235 27

colorado is a great state

Uh, OP was asleep when the wind began to blow... Going outside was never an option

gintwinsmoore 20

no one saw this coming so you know OP didn't, or I'm sure things would've been way different.

i guess he isnt sleeping when youre around anymore.

You don't say?

Here's the door, show yourself out.

Cutest dog ever!

mmmxr 11

"Aww you got bit by a dog that's so cute".....said no one ever.

bsums203 13

He probably was so startled by the rancidness he couldn't help but bite the source.

Aww poor dog. You woke him.

91hayek 31

Gross, serves you right. If only I could get away with the same thing with so many disgusting people.

So are you going to bite him whenever he lets one out in your presence as dogs are wont to do?

do the same to him when he farts.

mmmxr 11

That cannot end well.....

That wouldnt be a good idea to bite a dog .-.


What goes around, comes around. I'm sure your dog had it coming.