Who's been a naughty girl?

By one cock too many - 04/08/2020 05:02

Today, I found out I’m the guy whose wife made adult films in college. Although embarrassed, I thought I may be able to get past it. Except for the fact that we dated in college, and she insisted we wait until after we were married to have sex. FML
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Sex for work, and sex with someone she actually cares about appear to be two totally separate things for her.

It's hard to tell what specifically happened from a 240 character blurb. We don't know if she was doing adult films while they dated, or if she had stopped and had a change of heart, and was trying to put things straight in her life. Still, this is a major thing to keep hidden and lie about. Moreover, if she was filming adult films while they were dating, it's a pretty strong betrayal on top of the lies. I guess you have to examine your feelings and the situation and decide 1. if you still want to be in the relationship at all, and 2. if you think you can get by the issues and come to trust your wife again. If you think you can, I'd definitely get some counseling (individually and as a couple, because you need to work through some of it on your own too.) If you're not okay with it, and especially if it was going on while you were together, that's a legitimate reason to get divorced.


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On the bright side, you get to have **** star sex now.

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Sex for work, and sex with someone she actually cares about appear to be two totally separate things for her.

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said every cheating husband...

She didn't want to bring her work home. The old Busman's Holiday!

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In addition to what the other people said, she probably also wanted to protect you. She didn’t want to “bring” anything from work to you. It’s great that she waited until she was absolutely sure she was STD free - ie your wedding night, with her **** life behind her - before she did anything with you. Although on the other hand, it does suck that she was apparently doing this while dating you. But she tried to protect you, and that’s something, and it seems like you’re happily married now, and that’s great :)

She probably just didn't want you to know she's way too good at sex as someone who wants to have sex only after wedding can be.

Do you think painters come home and start painting...

Just means she wanted to make sure what you and her have was special

Does she give good head? Then STFU and enjoy her wealth of experience. Just accept the fact that you're probably not the biggest dick she's ever had... unless we're defining dick the other way, then maybe you are. Seriously, get over yourself. I think this is more a FHL for having to put up with your bruised ego.

You might be able to get past it? You sound extremely judgemental.

Normally I'd agree if it was "Hey honey before we got together I was a **** star" sure get the hell over it dude. And any guy going "maybe I can get past it" would sound pretty judgmental. But this is him finding out that while they were actively dating she was having sex with all of these other guys. We live in a society that defines that as cheating and has raised him to equate that with cheating. It's understandable that he'd have to re-evaluate his feelings on the matter. And so you don't think I'm judgmental personally it's in the past it's not followed up with "and we're doing a reunion movie" then I'd move past it. I wouldn't hold it against someone that had issues doing so though.

Wow... I am usually an extremely open minded guy and, in fact, I am poly amorous. However, I would feel humiliated and betrayed by this. Basically she was being dishonest with you when you were dating and living a lie. My experience is that we try to see the best in the ones we love and you probably thought she was Ms Purity herself at the time. Knowing that she was having all sorts of crazy sex behindy back while I thought that about her would kill me.