By boogerbrain - United States
Today, I was looking at my wedding pictures I had just ordered and I tried to flick something off one of the pictures, but it wouldn't come off. In a panic I quickly looked through all of my pictures and realized that I had a booger sticking out of my nose. No one told me. FML
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  cucuto89  |  0

This is pretty much the worst possible thing that can ever happen to someone in their entire life. Ever. It is literally impossible for anything to be worse than a booger

  MagicMeds  |  0

Nobody will ever notice. EVER! Even if they spend the rest of their lives looking through those pictures, instead of the more likely 10 minutes over the course of their lives.

  julianak  |  0

totally! worst maid of honour ever! also, I'm surprised her parents didn't say anything. my mom certainly has no problem pointing out stuff like that even infront of all my friends. PS! check out OP's name

  Tomaino  |  3

I agree. I work for a photography company and people pay good money so that the photographer can make sure the picture looks good. That includes making sure the lighting is right, making sure eyes are open, making sure hair is out of the face, and yes, it would also include making sure an obvious booger is out of the nose.

If the photography company has a graphics artist like mine does, I'd insist that they edit it out. If it doesn't, insist that they pay to have it edited out.

  Jcat_fml  |  0

I agree, when I get married, I hope my photographer is good enough to hand me a tissue and give me a mirror. I'm sure I'd figure it out after that. I'd insist on them fixing it as well. That's just awful.

  Tomaino  |  3

The photography company I work for is the same company that shot my dad and stepmom's wedding. The photographer was so inclined on making sure everything was perfect that at one point she actually got down on her knees and scraped dog poop off of the brides shoes.

By  theteal  |  0

Any good photographer would have edited that stuff out. Take him to Judge Judy. That would be pretty funny, Judge I refuse to pay because he didn't edit my snot!