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Today, I was in my psychology class taking the hardest test ever. After I spent most of the period trying to fill in the few answers that I knew, I looked up to see everyone with their notebooks on their desks. It was an open-note test. FML
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  Rakayum  |  0

YDI for...being a woman lolz. remember in borat he said the scientists proved women have very small brains? remember? no? well i guess that proves my point..

  Zamax  |  0

That may be true, but organisms with larger brain capacities will generally be smarter. At some point, dolphin intelligence will develop more. Overall, you need a brain to be smart.

By  puddinpowder  |  0

why did you post this, it's pathetic and boring and does not register as an F my life. You're ruining this site. please stop posting these. for the love of god, your adolescent mindset does not calculate F My Life's quite yet. That part of your thought process is located in your frontal lobe, and doesn't develop until you're between 18-20 so wait a while longer, and then post something INTERESTING!!!!!!!!

  UCDgirl_fml  |  0

umm...I'm assuming since the person is in a psychology class that they are in college and therefore at least 18 so your logic kinda fails...and although it is their fault for not paying attention, it would suck to realize you just fucked yourself over on an exam like that

  TJStarzZ  |  8

#16-Not truly. If you were really smart, you'd know even some of the simplest high school offer Psychology. You kinda contradicted your own failing logic, so think before you type, hm?

  UCDgirl_fml  |  0

well I was going off of what I've known for High School, and none of them where I'm from offered it. And you have no clue how "truly smart" I am just off of a comment based on my own experience so you might want to think before YOU type. I didn't have the opportunity to take psychology until my freshman year of college, now I've got a BS in genetics.

  arienh4  |  0

The whole comment is still bullshit, according to him we're all acting on instinct until 18-20. I don't know about you, but I'm not acting on instinct.

By  delfinofrank  |  0

Psychology is a bullshit subject, whether in high school or college. The psych major in college is bullshit. Besides the few people who actually have an interest in psychology, most people take up that major so they have no homework/studying to do so they can get drunk every night.

  piles_of_fail  |  0

fuck you. up the ass. with a chainsaw. Preferably a rusty one. I am majoring in Psychology so I can make a difference in peoples lives, and, for your information, jackass (10) I haven't had a single drink in my entire like, nor do I plan to. I actually volunteer to drive drunk students home. So take your comment and shove it up your ass.

By  tingting1  |  0

k where you not paying attention to your teacher / prof?
and you didn't look up at all for "most of the period"??

you deserve it for being oblivious