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Today, in the middle of class, I sneezed out the biggest, wettest booger I have ever seen in my life. I'd used the inside of my elbow to cover my nose, but I neglected to notice that my hair had fallen over my shoulder. I couldn't get it all out of my hair and I don't think any believed me when I said it was hair gel. FML
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54 and 63, respect other languages please! 1, if you must speak in Spanish, there is a Spanish version of FML for your convenience.


that's when you go home. done for the day

-.- Mira hijo de puta mejor callate o me voy a tener que cagar en tu Cara! Enough said.

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Look son of a bitch better shut up or I'll have to shit on your face!.......since you were to much of a pussy to type it in english that is what you said! Learn english please.. thank you!

paco i love you. hope you commnt doesnt get moderated like mine did. just 'cayse we're PAISAS

MissGrinch 4

54 and 63, respect other languages please! 1, if you must speak in Spanish, there is a Spanish version of FML for your convenience.

escuse my spelling errors. your* comments* 'cause*

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I have nothing agains his language it's just if your going to be rude and cuss someone out please be a man about it and do it so they can read it.

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No me gusta Spanish! (I don't like Spanish!)

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Granted it is but I translated it so he could read what #56 said.

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its "no me gusta Espanol" if your going to try and speak our language at least do it right

I was going to be all po'ed about this, but then I remembered that I swear in Japanese, Spanish, and Italian all the time. haha You're right, it is funnier.

Ugh, man that is nasty! You should of just raised your other hand and excused yourself to the laidies room. Would of been a whole lot less of an FML.

that blows.... heheh... no? whatever. fyl blahblahblah... g'night.

@PacoIsATaco, I think you've been watching too much George Lopez. :) Wachaaa...

you deserve it for having a Jew nose Jews always sneeze like that because of their huge noses and you lied about sneezing too Jews lie all the time because they have huge Jew nose like pinnochio you disgusting lying jew

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flashback.miss 28

ewwwww slime(booger), anyone? lol

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WTF is up with your profile pic?? werid and creepy

agreed... however yours is kinda weird and creepy too

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i hate when that happens ..jk thats nastyyy use a napkin or sumthing.

boojie97 12

yep. five is the new third.

everyone's comments are being either deleted or moderated especially mine FML

It tends to be because of breaking rules or claiming to be a number, such as shouting first. Your comment (#8 on this comment page) got moderated due to it not being in English...

ahh i see. lol it wasn't even anything that bad. thanks cinn!

It's alright, though normally you get asked to keep it in English if you get moderated for not doing.

I've had a number of my posts today just disappear.... anyway.... OP, bless you!

It's not racist. It's annoying if we can't understand the comment because it's in a different language. lik wen ppl tipe lik diz.

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Exactly as Freeze said. We want people to speak English because FML is an English site and we want everyone understood.

Hair gel? Shouldve said it was a "Mike the Situation" costume.

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She could have also said that her boyfriend (or hookup) missed her face. xD

perdix 29

Did you see "There's Something About Mary?"

OMG!! I thought of the same exact thing when I read the FML hahhahahahah

fuff_fml 4

ahaha! oh is that gel I need some. hahaha

lol ikr?!?! I was starting to wonder if anyone else made that connection too!

We_Li_Ve_Fr_Ee 0

Well... FYL for having a big enough nose to produce such a booger.

How'd you not get it out of your hair? I mean, tissues normally work, and you could always have used loo-paper if you didn't have any on you... Or you could've used your sleeve.

Cinn says that. :P Plus what Ignorance said. It's a completely normal and valid word, just maybe only here in the UK, I dunno. I figured it was universal.

I know, just sounds weird to my ignorant American mind.

we say Toilet Paper. but i'm saying loo-paper from now on go cinn!!

20waffleater10 0

Loo-paper sounds way better!!!!!!

20waffleater10 0

and yes loo-paper is not universal I had no clue what you guys and girls were talking about until someone typed toilet paper.

20waffleater10 0

Yea, i agree with #55.....Way to vague. There is construction paper, tissue paper (the kind you sitck in bags for gifts), wrapping paper, paper mache, college ruled paper, wide ruled paper, computer paper, scented paper, wall i missing any?

Jakii is right, and Fawlty Towers has already proved that just saying paper can lead to misunderstandings... So if you didn't know what I meant by loo-paper, Waffleater, does that mean you don't use the word loo either?

What? I wipe my ass with paper all the time

You forgot graph paper!!!! How could you?! D:

20waffleater10 0

Cinn...yes i have never used or heard the word loo-paper untill today. I have heard and used the word loo though...but only a couple of times. iPedobear...I am sorry I forgot graph paper.

us Paddies use it too we often refer to it as loo-roll, as well

loo-roll? i call it "papel de baño" xD

yes... loo-roll.... like kitchen roll.... only, for the loo...

Schizomaniac 24

Ignorance, we've been over this. Now take the correction for what it is and strive to better. The conversation ends now.

Cinn "figured it was universal". Nothing against her but you can't call me a disgrace for pointing out a word I'd never heard and act like her assumption that everyone knows it is perfectly fine.

Are you being serious, i_iz? Because that's some pretty faulty logic right there...

I never said I didn't know what the word was; it's pretty obvious. But assuming people should know something they've never heard of is just as ignorant as my finding the word interesting. Or maybe not... I'm not exactly a genius.

my2centsworth 15

WTF- cinn-ball-face??? loo-paper!??? you make me want to punch Mexican babies in the face.

I_iz - When I said I figued it was universal, I meant that I thought everyone knew what 'loo' and 'paper' meant and so if I put the two together they'd know what I meant. I know not all terms are universal, I've had a few epic conversations about that.

My point was that when you come across a word you don't know, it's your responsibility to figure it out, or find the meaning of it. It's not the speaker's responsibility to only speak in words you know. What Cinn did and what you did are two very different things, and thus can't be compared.

zp5 4

thats some good hair gel you use there!