By soccerscout7 - 08/02/2011 12:48

Today, I was leaving school to get tested for peptic ulcers, because my stomach has been hurting for a few months. To wish me luck, one of my friends gave me a friendly punch in the stomach. I threw up blood. FML
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Today, my friend was going to the doctor's. Trying to be nice, I gave him/her a friendly punch in the stomach. He/she threw up blood all over me. FML

Yep and he found out for free. Thank your friend for saving you the cost of a visit to the doctor.

quit bitching, at least it wasn't a kidney!

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#65 lmao that would be disgusting!

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Was it a "friendly punch", or a "HULK SMASH!"

112 I love you forever now. I actually lold when I read that. Then did it myself in real life. And played the scenario over in my head.

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Today, I experienced testicular torsion for the first time. As a way of wishing me good luck, my best friend kicked me in the balls. FML

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Did your friend know where/why you were going? If so, he's an idiot.

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either way, he clearly punched him pretty hard, so he's a jerk either way. just a bigger one if he knew where he was going.

Nah, OP said a friendly punch. So I think under normal circumstances it wouldn't have been that bad.

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Still, wishing someone luck when they've been having stomach problems by punching them in the stomach is pretty f*ing stupid. It's common sense not to, of which that guy obviously has none. It's still an fml for the op, doesn't matter if it was some stupid friend accidently causing it or not.

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And it sounds like the friend knew where/why the guy was going. It would be weird to wish someone luck without first asking why. And friendly punches between boys can sometimes be pretty hard. I knew some guys in high school that hit each other very hard, sometimes even as a joke in the crotch, and it was still considered friendly. That guy was probably just being an ass and acting like the op was a baby for complaining about a stomach problem and so he punched him in the stomach.

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punching people in the stomach period is stupid.

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sounds like you've got douchey friends.

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Seriously? Who punches people in the stomach for "good luck"?

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I would've beat the crap out of him. >:0

Why did you wait so long to get it checked out? :( Your friend is dumb. Sorry, OP.