By soccerscout7 / Tuesday 8 February 2011 12:48 /
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  Heliol  |  8

Still, wishing someone luck when they've been having stomach problems by punching them in the stomach is pretty f*ing stupid. It's common sense not to, of which that guy obviously has none. It's still an fml for the op, doesn't matter if it was some stupid friend accidently causing it or not.

  Heliol  |  8

And it sounds like the friend knew where/why the guy was going. It would be weird to wish someone luck without first asking why. And friendly punches between boys can sometimes be pretty hard. I knew some guys in high school that hit each other very hard, sometimes even as a joke in the crotch, and it was still considered friendly. That guy was probably just being an ass and acting like the op was a baby for complaining about a stomach problem and so he punched him in the stomach.

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