Are straight men OK?

By Unloving - 31/12/2009 21:47 - United States

Today, a man proposed to me in classic style on one knee. Unfortunately, I have been telling this man for the last two months that I don't even want to date him. He thinks I'm playing hard to get and is not giving up. FML
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That's alittle creepy. I gotta say. Sorry.

Tell him to buy you a new Lexus and then you'll think about it. If he does it, tell him you think he's insane and you just don't see yourself spending the rest of your life with an insane person (but thank him for the car). If he doesn't do it, tell him he obviously doesn't really love you. Either way, you win. There's always a positive side to every bizarre situation.


That's alittle creepy. I gotta say. Sorry.

appreciate it (it's possible to fall deeply in love one sidedly, and that sucks for him, but is sort of a compliment to you)... but alert security at your office or where you live maybe? lol. Don't lead him on by even talking to him, if you can help it.

#12 Appreciate it? In love? He's only known her for two months though. Unless he's been stalking her for longer than she's known him, which isn't a reassuring possibility either. If he's proposing to her after only knowing her for two months and never having dated or anything, there's nothing flattering in the creepiness of it.

Come over to Utah. People get married after 1 DATE all the time.

The OP never said 'known him' but that he's been trying to date her for the last 2 months. Maybe they were friends, or office buddies, or just coworkers, etc. So, she may have known him for quite some time, and he fell in love within the last two months.

kick him were he pees

#46 cyber safety rules! u r in utah

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Oh, poor thing. xD You have a determined one!

When a girl plays hard to get, I ignore it, and ignore her. People who feel the need to play hard to get are almost always bitchy.

Yikes. Restraining order maybe?

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restraining orders are for people who are actually a threat (like, may slit your throat in the middle of the night threat). OP should ignore him and find a boyfriend to scare him off.

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@31 - you can also get a restraining order for unwanted harassment, the person doesn't have to present an actual physical danger to the victim.

what 71 said 31. Restraining orders are for many reasons. You also wouldn't be shocked to see how often the "harmless love obsessed fool" turns into "Oh God, why am I being attacked by this crazy stalker." Crazy people that can't take no for an answer are pretty dangerous people.

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Why, just because he wants to date her? There's no reason she "should" date anyone she's not interested in just because he's very interested. Especially when he's being creepy like this and won't believe her when she says flat out that she's not interested.

Just give him a try. That, or get a restraining order.

This isn't in Soviet Russia, cooluc. ...Crap. I was going to make a Soviet Russia joke but I can't think of anything.

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Thats scary. Explain to him!!

lol report him for harrassment

No means no, why do guys think its any different? FYL... I hope ur parents dont know about this guy

@ #7 Because lot of ****** (I like to call them like that) are acting acting hard to get idk

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Neko you are probably just weird and awkward, don't blame every female out there just because you cant get any. I hate how some whiny guys complain when a girl rejects a guy. If she accepted every guys advances, she would be a *****. If she turns down a guy, she's a heartless bitch. We cant win!

"why do guys think its any different?" missoriginal seems to group every man together. Thats the second time, actually

#11 is one of those little whiny bitches who likes to call women "******" because none of them is insane enough to sleep with such a douche of a loser as him... A pathetic behavior which, quite obviously, makes his chances to ever get laid plummet even lower.

Because no doesn't always mean no. And maybe the OP was nice about it and said "I want to be friends" or said no and continues to act flirty and physical around him. OP should (if she didn't already) be clear and give the guy some harsh closure. "No I'm not interested because I'm not attracted to you physically and never will be. And I don't want to be friends please stop talking to me." After a guy sleeps with a girl and doesn't call them back... do they always think NO means no? This is most likely an FYL... but YDI if the OP isn't handling the situation correctly. Still wondering WHY she's talking to this guy after two months.

No, I'm not weird or akward, don't worry about me ;) And, yes I still stand behind my words, women who act hard to get are ******, together with women who act easy to get. And if you are one of them, yes you are a *****, that is correct.

Women tend to see men who have a somewhat equal view of the two sexes misogynist, because they don't put them in a positive light.

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i accidently clicked 'thumbs up' at #64 comment instead of thumbs down- someone click thumbs down for me, he is a prick :)

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neko you're a douche bag. You can't just go around calling girls ***** because they are either too easy or too hard to get. All that means is you can't get any so instead you're a hateful little waste of skin. If a girl chooses to sleep with you (because she is mentally unstable, obviously) you're just going to call her a ***** because she either wanted to wait or put out too quickly. IDIOT.

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Some women "play" hard to get because they want to take it slow. Sometimes, they just aren't interested in dating at the time. It doesn't make them ******, it makes them smart, at least to me.

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Slash his tires, set his house on fire, and steal his dog.

Seconded. XD Well, maybe not quite that extreme, but in the past I've gotten ridden of annoying stalkers by making it seem like I had turned into The Bitchmonster. Not even stalkers want to date you then, luckily.

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wow, he needs to get a clue.

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Don't mess with him anymore. If you do he might get "desperate" and actually hurt you. Get a restraining order. Never mess with psychos!

paranoid much? OP should avoid the guy and carry pepper spray. problem solved.