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You can pass out from severe panic attacks. The typical person having a normal panic attack will not pass out, but that doesn't mean it can't happen.


When a panic attack happens you get an adrenaline rush. You won't pass out unless it causes a heart attack or something. Anxiety can cause you to pass out too, but not from a panic attack. It's possible that the OP passed out because of anxiety, but it wouldn't be because of a panic attack.


you can pass out from a panic attack, if a person hyperoxygenates /breaths to fast for too long, they will experience cramping in their hands and feet and pass out shortly after. But seriously from ebay...come on. I seriously hope you dont ever drive.


wow.... what is with people these days? taking it out on someone for using punctuation? go get a god damn life you god damn nerd.

You must live a very sad and depressing life. Anyone having panic attacks over ebay needs to be stripped of their internet.

believe it or not i nearly had a panic attack the last time i was bidding on ebay too. it's very stressful especially if you really want the item.

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