By Anonymous - 22/11/2009 04:12 - United States

Today, I got diagnosed with stomach ulcers. They are very painful, and I have been throwing up blood. On my latest trip to the toilet, I was heaving and the pain was making me beat the floor with my fist, the toilet lid decided to come crashing down on my head, giving me a minor concussion. FML
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Why is everyone questioning the weight of toilet lids? Do you all have plastic ones or something? Mine is ceramic, and heavy, it would NOT be pleasant to be hit by.


Who has a toilet seat so heavy it would give them a concussion? I don't buy it.

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lol at first it sounded like he was sitting on the toilet and the lid came down on his head xD i was wondering if he was a midget or it was a massive toilet

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Actually, the big glass-like ones are probably heavy enough.

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I work at a hardware retailer. For just about the same price as plastic ones, you can get massively heavy ones. Most of which would have no problem causing a concussion if it fell on you with all of its weight. xD

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FAIL. No toilet seat could give you a concussion.

She said she was diagnosed, so it's likely she already went to the doctors. But there are different types and intensities. I've also had ulcers and they were very painful but I was not near death by any means. Edit: The comment changed! D:

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A toilet lid falling gave you a concussion? Really?

dude it can, here if u don't believe so go up to yours and fall on it people get concussions from just hitting their head on something. Plus your ******* retarded

To everyone saying "a toilet seat can't give you concussion": you can get ceramic toilet seats & lids. I'd still say she's possibly exaggerating her story, but it is possible. And to #35 - having a concussion is not the same as having amnesia. Especially when it's only a mild concussion. You can still remember what happened.

ahaha. im sorry :P but that created quite hilarious imagery. someone should do a comic of that.


and you didnt go to the hospital because? oh but shouldnt you stay there? YOUR LOSING ******* BLOOD!?

nothing said she wasn't at the hospital already...

to be honest, it's possible the OP went to the hospital and was released. If what she's throwing up has some blood in it, but not like monstrous amounts, there's really no reason for her to be hospitalized.

since when do you have to go to the hospital every time you bleed? It's only if you're having uncontrollable bleeding that you should go to the hospital, and the OP had already been diagnosed and probably given medication for it, so there's no need to go back to the hospital.

Because when you have BLEEDING ulcers they've reached the end of the mucous lining in your stomach and hit actual muscle wall. If it eats through enough, the ulcer can perforate and you can get sepsis from the bile leaking out into your abdomen and all over your organs, thus eating away at them. It's horrifically painful, and needs to be properly treated. Some bleeding ulcers are so bad they need to do an endoscopy and cauterize the ulcer before it has the chance to rip you open. Speaking from experience. Sucks majorly.

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wait till u have 2 explain this 2 the doctors

I'm going to have to say that I highly doubt this one. As someone who has spent a good majority of the past few years throwing up into toilets, I see absolutely no way that a toilet lid could hit you hard enough to give you a concussion. Sure it hurts like a bitch (I've had it happen, actually) but it takes a lot more force for a concussion. but FYL anyway, OP, cos of the whole stomach-ulcer thing...

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Actually, my grandparents have a pottery toilet lid, an it takes ALOT of strength to open/close it. So, it's very likely it could give a concussion.