By neverhavingkids - 21/01/2011 02:24 - United States

Today, I found out how hard a lemon is to the nuts when being hurled by an angry girlfriend for losing at Wii Sports. FML
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perdix 29

If you let her have a Wiimote instead of making her play with a lemon, maybe she'd have a chance to win.

she elemonated you!


goldhighways 0


whatup360 1

I'm sick of these lame bf/gf fml's...

She is a sour loser.

YDI for having a

"Wii Sports, bringing families together is our policy!"

be a gentlemen And let her win

Isn't that a little boring? His family jewels are safe, true, but I would be so bored. Besides, he is not the one who has to change. I suggest that his girlfriend starts to behave herself a little more mature. You simply don't throw lemons to your boyfriend or anyone else. Auwch.

Indeed! you throw limes

ShadyFTW1 0

27 win

Real women don't want to be patronized. If my boyfriend let me win in anything, I'd be pissed. If you are not as good at something as someone else is, then you try harder and keep practicing.

XxKyttixX 0

Don't F with a gamer. O.o

RedPillSucks 31

Don't F with a BAD gamer

XxKyttixX 0

lol true!

kbourco 0


Looks like life served you up some lemons.

Fiskars02 2

That's okay. If you have sex, just be like "oh the condom broke and i think i came", pull out and be like JUST KIDDING. Lulz.

it won't matter anyway... he ain't havin kids no more

maz255 10


lol I'd just let her win from now on.

women are unusual creatures. next time let it win.

kwebb77 0

lmao at the "it"

I agree, not many things warrant a shot to the nuts.

KiwiExchange 16

(: make up sex ftw!

makeup backhand to the face :D

lovexbox 8

You're fake.