By Darkandcold - United Kingdom - Exeter
Today, my dad learned that it's possible to power a lightbulb with a potato. Since then, he's been going around the house removing all the plugs from the wall and plugging them into potatoes instead. He's absolutely baffled as to why it won't work. FML
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By  sunkissedluster  |  20

How can you make energy out of vegetables? FYL for having a stupid dad.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Lol, I think you just made yourself sound stupid. Vegetables contain energy alright.
You do know that "calories" is just energy, right?
And they can make electrical energy.
Hey, they can make electricity with water, too!
I bet that just Fries your brain.

  Shilokitten666  |  19

#8 obviously you've never taken science class, its basic that you can light a lightbulb with a potato, although an orange or a banana works far better, dont call other people stupid when you dont know a damn thing about what you're talking about

  Masift  |  21

It seems like a lot of people misunderstood this FML. He didn't unscrew the light bulbs a put potatoes in their place. He unplugged the lamps and plugged them into the potatoes. Why the fuck do people keep saying in the comments "using potatoes as lightbulbs" honestly did you even read it!?!?!?