By Darkandcold - 09/01/2013 19:23 - United Kingdom - Exeter

Today, my dad learned that it's possible to power a lightbulb with a potato. Since then, he's been going around the house removing all the plugs from the wall and plugging them into potatoes instead. He's absolutely baffled as to why it won't work. FML
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Pft potatoes only go so far.. Now bananas...

FlamingTacos 7

Potatoes might be able to conduct electricity, but flaming tacos can do so much more.


Pft potatoes only go so far.. Now bananas...

Maybe you should shed some light on Green Energy.

I was going to say brown energy but that sounds horrible

Icyghost17 10

At least he didn't that pickles are an even better conductor....potatoes are easier to clean.

My chem teacher once did this experiment with a pickle. The resulting smell is similar to that of burning hair. It's aweful

Try explaining it to him! He seems like a curious guy, maybe you could help him!

wlddog 14

The science, it runs deep in their family.

FlamingTacos 7

Potatoes might be able to conduct electricity, but flaming tacos can do so much more.

I think anything goes and works with flaming tacos for you. Like an airplane using flaming tacos to fly. I understand you.

FlamingTacos 7

I was thinking diarrhea, but your way works too.

Your picture goes pretty well with your comment! -Captain Obvious

CremeEggs 6

Clearly you've not tried a Creme Egg... They're eggstraordinary compared.

I hope he doesn't get a chip on his shoulder. Anyway, He'll feel better when you tell them he can turn them into vodka.

tsent8 15

Holy shit! Is that how they make that stuff?!?! Il be right back I gotta go get some potatoes.

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#16 That comment barely relates to the topic....

How can you make energy out of vegetables? FYL for having a stupid dad.

Lol, I think you just made yourself sound stupid. Vegetables contain energy alright. You do know that "calories" is just energy, right? And they can make electrical energy. Hey, they can make electricity with water, too! I bet that just Fries your brain.


Pleonasm, where have you been? I've missed you dearly...

Exams, unfortunately. Plus. PLUS! I've been playing dishonored, farcry3, halo4, TF2, Soul Calibur V. Too many games, so little time.

#8 obviously you've never taken science class, its basic that you can light a lightbulb with a potato, although an orange or a banana works far better, dont call other people stupid when you dont know a damn thing about what you're talking about

Have you never taken a science class in your life?

I think this comment was just as funny as the actually FML LOL to bad she's dumb and doesn't know better FYL for being you

MistaBlista 9

Put the light bulbs back and make French fries out if all the potatoes.

First voodoo dolls out of melons, now lightbulbs out of potatoes?

DIY for dads has reached a whole new level it seems.

Lol that's accidentally funny ( I'm assuming you meant to say YDI) since DIY stands for do it yourelf

No I think it is intentional....YDI wouldn't make sense in the context.

Jordath_Fil 11

Seems like a vegetable fetish is worming its way through people's fathers...

It seems like a lot of people misunderstood this FML. He didn't unscrew the light bulbs a put potatoes in their place. He unplugged the lamps and plugged them into the potatoes. Why the **** do people keep saying in the comments "using potatoes as lightbulbs" honestly did you even read it!?!?!?