By eaa145 - 03/03/2009 21:40 - United States

Today, for my two-year anniversary I got my girlfriend a very expensive diamond necklace. She got me male enhancement pills. FML
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You should have told her that your dick isn't small, her ****** is huge.

ohsnapp823 0


you see, she got you something that you needed

She's not necessarily saying it's small, but that she wants it to be bigger. Even if I had a foot long I wouldn't mind it being bigger.

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well, you should thank her it's a thoughtful gift :)

and use it too. there's a reason u got that

ohhh haha nice gift from you... but i guess your not performing well?


No he obviously is and the pills she got him are just a joke. Geez.

alex_vik 0

Too bad they don't do jack squat.

too bad you know that first hand. I sense animosity... OP: enzyte win

Tots your fault, Have a bigger penis if you dont want things like this to happen

hey #6 how about you try controlling your penis size? tell us all how it works out

now you know what to get her next year ^_^

perhaps she wanted a pearl necklace instead?

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lmao that sucks, well at least u'll be better in bed.