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By Liam. - 01/02/2010 05:15 - France

Today, I was in an elevator, and the hot girl who lives in my building and who I have a crush on got in. She was in a wheelchair with a broken leg, I panicked and tried to flirt with her, and I said, "Nice chair." She replied, "Nice bruise" and punched me in the nuts. FML
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doink 0

Did she have a Hoveround? If she did then technically you wouldn't have been lying.


****. That's no reason to punch him in the nuts.

Seriously wtf. At least now you know she's a bitch, OP. So don't waste any more of your time!

You reallllly like to comment, huh Ajjas? ;)

Ajjas013 6
pinkpolsih 0

yeah. she was dramatic. you should have said nice hair *yank* oops.

Reyo 2

Really ladies? Is there a situation where you WON'T go RIGHT for the reproductive organs?

crailboyne 0

you wanted to flirt so u said nice chair? try maybe nice hair? but at least a hot girl touched your crotch.

livinthefridge13 1

I'm sure their might be...In some instances... alright no there isn"t!

amerrah 4

she probably thought you were being a sarcastic ass. i wouldve done the same.

you have no idea how much i laughed and how much ydi xDDD fking anti flood...

when I broke my leg and had a chair my line was " wanna sign my dick I mean cast"

seabrook 7

haha everyone always gets hit in the nuts :)

Ajjas013 6

Maybe he got hit because of the huge gravitational conflict the world had with his huge balls... Nice big balls :P

hahahahaha dude I'm sorry you sooo deserved that one.... I mean I know u were just trying to flirt but still comon man =P

although she hit him in the balls, seriously. nice chair?? what an a-hole move ... you should have asked what happened. Then flirt with her.

he didn't deserve it. yeah, it was a stupid thing to say. but it's NOT bad enough for her to punch him in the balls. not even close. she's just a bitch.

That's a really ******* random thing of her to do.

sarcdude 3

but did that warrant getting hit in the nuts? the dude was nervous, he said so himself. sometimes when some people are around people they like, logic and reasoning gets thrown out the window.

like me..... and the worst bit is, most of the time I see this guy, his hands r all over his gf :/ so I just flirt like hell w/ the rest of the guys in the class ;)

seabrook 7

always couldve started with..hey,what happened? i guess thats like talking to a paralyzed person, hey! i love ur legs! yeah idk lol

doink 0

Did she have a Hoveround? If she did then technically you wouldn't have been lying.

haha!!!!! great comment. dude u deserved that, but she clever nd funny...u should so keep tryin...ahhh made my day

bigtaytay 13

"nice chair"? really? thats the best u could come up with? how about like "omg what happened to u"?

Ajjas013 6

The huge imbalance caused by his gigantic ballsack broke both her legs... Nice... Just nice :P

Averizzle 0

I'm sorry but is anyone else annoyed by this asshole?

you are brave dude... brave. But on a serious note, nice bruise.