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By  whiskey'swino  |  15

Some tickets are simply to get money. In college I was stuck at a broken light trying to turn left in a left turn only lane. I waited for 10 minutes with no traffic in any other lane waiting for it to turn green. Finally did, I went and was immediately pulled over for not using my turn signal. The clicking would have driven me nuts for those 10 minutes. Where the F did the cop think I was going? Such a hazard to the road I guess. Dumb and needless.

  chessu  |  21

Just click it on just before you turn? No excuse

  chessu  |  21

It's good practice. If you stop doing it when you don't necessarily need to, you will eventually stop doing it when you do need to. E.g. my dad had stopped using them properly for the same reason, but after teaching me to drive (who had to do it properly to not fail my exam), he's now picked up the habit again because of that. It's should be an instinct/reflex anyway, it literally takes a second. If anything I feel weird not hitting it, I even do it an empty parking lot and don't think twice about it.

By  RinoaHeartilly  |  36

I hate people who go under the speed limit. It's rude to everyone else behind them. That being said, if you were the only one on the road it's pretty ridiculous that you got a ticket for it.

By  kricket5  |  19

You couldn’t have been the only car on the road if you got pulled over. Cop was there, too. Probably stuck behind your slow ass. Maybe you should check your mirrors more frequently and either speed up to the limit, or pull off the road to let others pass.