By bruised - 19/05/2016 20:54 - Australia - Sydney

Today, while playing hockey, one of my teammates decided to swing her hockey stick like a golf club. She missed the ball, but managed to hit me right in the vagina. FML
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Being hit in the ****** is surprisingly extremely painful- once i ran into a table and the corner hit me in the ****** and i couldn't walk for like an hour


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Teammate hit a birdie. That's pretty impressive.

Being hit in the ****** is surprisingly extremely painful- once i ran into a table and the corner hit me in the ****** and i couldn't walk for like an hour

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Oh, so you have both a penis and a ******? Seeing you know what feels worse.

I'm confused by your rationale, #17. It's like, say there's an FML that reads, "Today, somebody stole $100 from me. FML" You're essentially posting, "It's not as bad has having $500 stolen from you. Five hundred dollars is FIVE times as bad as $100!" Every FML published is "not as bad" as something else. #2 even made the concession that it's "surprisingly" painful as if she anticipated nut comparisons.

How wonderful to know we're immune to pain when hit in the vulva simply because we do not posses a set of testicles. You must tell us more of how you came across this amazing discovery.

I agree but testicles have more nerves and are like unprotected soft organs

To people saying nuts are worse, so freaking what? There's literally no reason to bring that up. If someone smashes their hand you don't go up to them and say "getting smashed in the balls hurts worse". I just don't understand why people do that. Do you expect vaginas/vulvas to be immune to pain or something?

Being hit in any genital hurts. Its a sensitive area

I mean you're not wrong, but that was literally not necessary in the context of this fml or the comment you replied to. wtf bro?

Human nature, mate. It's bound to be discussed on such an FML.

joeyl2008 29

Wasn't it proven that being hit in the ****** is about the same as being hit in the testicles? You just don't hear about it very often since a ****** is less likely to be hit because it doesn't hang down and woman don't go around punching their friends in the ****** for fun.

Stop acting unsympathetic and like its no big deal, any genital area is painful; whether you believe it or not

uchihadesendent 14

You're not immune to pain and there's no need for sarcasm. In studies they couldn't determine what hurt more so for the sake of this let's say that it's both equal to each other.

#80 "..for the sake of this" No, let's not. I agree that it wasn't necessary to bring it up, but it was bound to happen (human nature). But until you can have a heart attack by being kicked in the vulva (which you can easily get from a nudge, or kick to the balls), let's rather agree that the sensations you get, are very different..?

This reminds me of the FML where a girl got hit in the ****** with a kayak. It wouldn't be an FML if it didn't hurt like hell, so you guys need to stop trying to make it seem like you have an 'edge' over girls based on caliber of pain. It's ridiculous.

#82, How many people do you know have died from getting "nudged or kicked" in the testes?

Did not expect that last word. Winced.

The word ****** made you wince? Are you 12 or something?

I think he meant he didn't expect it to hit in such an intimate place.

You shouldn't go out clubbing with her then! Okay no, that was bad, I'll show myself out, but fyl OP that must've hurt so bad. Why was she even swinging the hockey club like a golf club anyway?!

alexish128 13

we were playing hockey as a school sport and none of us were really taking it seriously. still don't really know how she considered that to be safe though

xcllla_ 27

Field Hockey :P Notice how it says ball and not puck.

Sir_Cow 17

Or else they'd be in severe pain instead of being in severe pain. Wait…

Not comparable. Men can actually die due to a strike in that region.

Genitals are still genitals. The clitorus actually has more nerve endings than any other body part on the male or female body.

Sir_Cow 17

You're comparing being hit in the ****** with being hit in the balls, wich hurts more, potentially making the person infertile?

Sir_Cow 17

It's also more hidden away and hurts less mentally and physically.

Sir_Cow, if you tell me being hit in the ****** hurts less, I'll assume you have one and that's how you were able to make the comparison. If you don't, don't spout ignorant nonsense telling women what they do or do not feel.

Sir_Cow 17

Demon, no, I don't have a ******. But I do know the mental effects (I know all pain is mental, you know what I mean) of being kicked in the nuts. Being kicked in the nuts are far worse not because of the impact of the hit but the brain telling you that it is and your ******** going up inside your pelvis to protect them, possibly infertility and needed surgery adds up to bring worse than a hit in the ******.

so ******* stupid. You do know that all those consequences you just listed are true for women too right? Of course you don't because you're only concerned with the pain men feel. everythings a competition for the fragile male.