By AnRom - 17/12/2009 09:58 - United States

Today, I spent five minutes trying to kill a spider with my mind. FML
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Even wizards need to mutter a spell, you know...

FYL for not having supernatural powers.


Wow.... I modded this with a no... So, there are retards moderating letting stupid crap through. God...

kaleid0scopeEyes 0

No, this FML really does suck, just because this is how you spend your Saturday nights doesn't mean you need to insult imago.

One of the gayest FML's I ever read.

analo_fml 8

LOL this is like a scene from Men Who Stare at Goats, Lyn killed a goat with his mind :S that movie is awesome!

expen_dable 0

its better if pendantic spends his or her saturday nights trying to use mind powers, otherwise he or she would be shooting up schools and making hit lists and trying to put curses on the "popular girls" the weirdos need something to keep them occupied, thats why God invented Twilight, Myspace and Emo music

dudeitsdanny 9

HEY HEY HEY.... Don't diss emo music... Real emo music isn't what it used to be since those guys started wearing eyeliner and pretending to be gay... Anyways, this is only an FML, because you didn't succeed. =)

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i also don't find much humor in this FML. i read it over thrice so you can't say i didn't try.

did it work :?!?!!?

You're kidding about the emo music, right? Please tell me you're kidding.

Even wizards need to mutter a spell, you know...

i'm quite sure rowling tells us of nonverbal spells that require a practiced mind

i'm quite sure rowling tells us of nonverbal spells that require a practiced mind

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Dude. You gotta use goats. Didn't you watch the movie?

FYL for not having supernatural powers.

well it's time to get your head checked... go mine checked last week ...:D

Haha this is awsome, should have said "avada kedavra" but it's a unforgivable curse, so maybe not...

This happened to me last week. I was unsuccessful, so I turned and looked at the flying rabbitbunny to my right. "It doesn't work, Mr. Wilksonstein!" I told him. "Don't worry. You just haven't eaten the muffins yet," Mr. Wilksonstein told me. Sure enough, to my left was a plate of muffins. Blueberry muffins! I spent no time looking at it and more time eating it. But, when I turned around, the spider was gone. I was sad. Where'd Mr. Wilksonstein go, anyway?

Thumbs up for creativity!

Skullcrusher 5

Who gives a fuck Major Dumbass!?

Belongs on MLIA IMO.

Yep. YLIA.

kaleid0scopeEyes 0

I guess you're one of those high schoolers who wears capes to school and growls at anyone who tries to talk to you, and then you go and complain that nobody likes you.