By misspriss - 17/02/2010 01:30 - United States

Today, I was in the theatre watching a movie. I leaned my head back to relax. Suddenly, I hear this sneeze behind me and then I feel "rain" pouring down on my face. FML
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NeonWar__ 0

holy crap! ew! people have to cover their mouths!

kayztastic 0

and they wonder why swine flu spreads so quickly(:


NeonWar__ 0

holy crap! ew! people have to cover their mouths!

Pball11 0

Maybe sit in a seat with No one behind you next time X0

JoshTheMaggot 8

I'm just letting you know sneezes come from you're nose lol I know what you ment haha. I hope he apologized I would be so embarassed if I did that. fyl people are dumb we are supposed to cover our mouth/nose when we cough/sneeze didn't anyone learn this in preschool

NeonWar__ 0

joshthemaggot - just saw my mistake! lol meh, my family and all my friends say mouth! must just be where your from I suppose :)

JoshTheMaggot 8

omg is there a grammar Nazi preschool haha jk snickerdoodles.

@24 really? seriously?

yes 26 you better believe it.

NeonWar__ 0

snickerdoodles - go get over yourself. Nobody cares about you. btw, we don't have preschool in Ireland. nob.

NeonWar__ 0

well then, I'm sorry.

sneezes come from your nose -- you a pre med?

I care about snickernoodles :)

LauraTheKiwi 0

you spelt her name wrong :)

Is anyone else getting the feeling that it was not rain?

bleedinginside 0

lawl snickerdoodles<=>Target of FML

it also involves your mouth buddy, you don't spit ACHOOO with your nose do you?

o it was one of those imax theatres

@snickerdoodles are you a guy or a girl? I can't tell...

actually most of it comes from your mouth. look it up maybe find a slow motion video of it

Skullcrusher 5

Ha ha!

thinmint 0

I think mouth is fair enough. sneezes originate in the nose however the "a-choo" comes from the mouth splattering saliva all over the place

JoshTheMaggot 8

oh god guys I said is as a joke to #1 I wasn't serious a lot of people say mouth. I didn't realize it would turn into a big debate aha. and as for snickerdoodles I'm sorry the predictive texting on my iPod touch thought I ment you're instead of your.

Nice breeze ewwwwwww

Wow, Snickerdoodles is a very unpleasant person.

garuru 4

omg i think i saw that happen that was gross he was fat so i dont think his hands could reach his mouth

BigSmiles7 0


matau32 0

keroro gunso? :D Also that sucks for you OP

garuru 4

dororo-san is that you my ive been looking for you

milkshakesrule 0

Why the he'll are you guys talking about Keroro, bit random.


ya that's when you turn aroud and puch them in the face saying " cover your fucking mouth"

agreed... ick

canesul 0

you should have punched the guy

robotiick 12

wat if the guy was fat... if he punched him in the stomach his hand either A. would hav been eaten by the huge belly or B. would of bounced back at him and end up knocking him self out wit a ko

sorcerersinger 0

do what I do. take the popcorn, "miss your mouth," and throw it in his face. usually I do it when I feel like it.

kayztastic 0

and they wonder why swine flu spreads so quickly(:

That's just nasty.

that's fucking disgusting. and what does ftw mean?

JoshTheMaggot 8

for the win

All my friend's have used FTW short for "fuck the world" I know some people who even have 'ftw' tattoo's. and yeahh, that fml's pretty damn bad. I know if that happened to me fuckmylife would be my first thought.

dreamer15 0

or fuck the world

it means for the win.... butttttt nothings set in stone with acronyms

TheMeravig 0

tagyr: are you friends with a bunch of gangsters or prison cons? lol

sorry for the confusion. but in an odd and miniscule way, we're all a little wiser. so I'm not sorry!!

lol, okay thankyouuu.