By batter--up - 17/02/2010 02:54 - United States

Today, in a sporting goods store, my mom was over on the other side of the store, when a cute guy came over to talk to me. When she saw this she grabbed a bat, walked over to us and said, "If you ever even look at my daughter again, I will beat you shitless." She was serious. He ran. FML
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sorcerersinger 0

I would expect that from a father. usually moms want their daughters to get married and whatnot.

Wow that's a scary mom xD gl to your future bf


Wow that's a scary mom xD gl to your future bf

kayztastic 0

dude. that is totally my mom. she's threaten cops on my boyfriends. "if you put her in that car, I'm calling the cops". it's embarrassing. we broke up shortly after.

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you forgot to put FML at the end.

dudeitsdanny 9

It reminded me of the movie Carrie..

she's gonna get 2 homeruns on those balls if he doesn't get outta there quick!

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Ur mom sounds evil. If I were that guy I would look right at you and walk away. Haha but I'm a girl...

AngryNinja 1

ahhhh my god. that is /so/ my parents. both of them love embarrassing me. x(

I couldn't take the mum seriously.. Maybe I'd run over to grab myself a baseball bat, just in case.. but OP, I can only suggest getting a new mum, maybe..

if the OP is only 13-14 and the "cute guy" was in his late 20s to 30s, it's perfectly understandable. if not, mom's just psychotic.

kitty_f 3

I think the fml is implied here :p

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somebody is over protective........... and is any of this sht true I mean WTF do u wright sht like this?????!

"Today, after I ran off this lout trying to get his filthy paws all over my daughter, the ungrateful little bitch took the bat out of my hands and swung at me. FML" ;) Seriously, your mom sounds like an awful tool. FYL

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104, what the hell??? it's this humbling of English I hate.

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scary time to be a parent these days

Not enough information. Are you 12 and the guy 30? Was he the town drunk? Your mom's ex? There has to be more to this story.

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Reyo 2

The kid's a pussy. All he had was do was tell her that she'd better kill him or he's going to buy a brand new Corvette with her money.

# 80 you cant buy new moms if you havent noticed

remined me of that too!! HI5 except i read the book i haven't seenthe film

"Today, I was hanging out at the store when I saw a cute girl near her mom. I went over to flirt, and the mom grabbed a bat off the shelf and threatened to beat the shit out of me. I didn't get a date. fml." but seriously, fyl

lol read one identical only thing said golf club

Oh boohoo. Your mother q cares about you. It's the end of the world isn't it?

MiGman 5

op I've had a dates dad sit there loading a shotgun as I came into the door to pick the girl up

my dates dad was cleaning a tippmann txp marker when I came to pick her up. I was like you into paintball? and he was like damn most of the guys don't know this is a marker not a gun. We have got along great after that.

sorcerersinger 0

I would expect that from a father. usually moms want their daughters to get married and whatnot.

Yeah you're right, normally it's the fathers who are overprotective.

maybe the mother's the father and the father's the mother.

or maybe the mother is the mother and the father is the father and the third party is the third party. hmm

garuru 4

i was scared what was i supposed to do i actually did shit myself

xlostwithoutu 0

how is that bad parenting? it's better to not have a boyfriend then to get knocked up right? she is smart

They were talking, not about to have sex :| OP's mom is just...a bitch :P

paintrain 0

shit, some one PMS's, tell ur mom to chill her balls

I would not tell that to my mom if she was that crazy Lol imagine the death certificate: killed while telling her mom to chill her balls